Project Proposal: ZNN Whale Chart & Participant Poster


The proposed project is to develop an inspiring and engaging “Whale Chart” for the Zenon community, which will serve as an innovative representation of the tiered hierarchy of ZNN token holder amounts, as well as a reference and artistic depiction of participant roles (Pillars, Sentinels, Sentries, Delegators, Stakers).

The graphic charts will be meticulously designed to not only display the various levels of token holdings and roles in a clear and intuitive manner but also to artistically inspire the senses of wonder, clout, and identity. It will feature 13 distinct tiers, each with its unique design and title, ranging from the smallest holders to the largest.

The creation of the Zenon Whale Chart and Participation Posters align perfectly with the goals of fostering community engagement, identity, and motivation within the Zenon network. By gamifying the experience of token accumulation, the chart serves as a powerful tool for inspiration and aspiration among community members. It not only provides recognition and a sense of achievement for existing holders but also ignites a competitive yet cooperative spirit amongst the community, encouraging further investment and deeper involvement in the network.

Additionally, these visual representations acts as a badge of honor and a source of clout, enhancing the communal identity and pride. These are not just graphics; they are a catalyst for community building and sustained engagement, making it a worthwhile investment for the future of the Zenon ecosystem.

Member retention and community contribution

In marketing and customer retention, the emotional and psychological aspects play pivotal roles, often steering the decision-making process of consumers. When individuals forge a personal connection with a brand, it transcends mere transactional relationships and enters the realm of identity and self-expression.

Personal identification with a brand acts as an anchor, fostering loyalty that is less about immediate gains and more about a sustained, long-term commitment. It’s a psychological bond where the brand’s success and trajectory become intertwined with the individual’s self-concept and ego. Such customers are less inclined to abandon the brand for short-term profits; their investment is not just financial but emotional. They become brand advocates, not merely consumers, driven by a sense of belonging and purpose.

Their loyalty becomes a part of their personal narrative, making them less likely to sell or disengage at the slightest market fluctuation, and more likely to contribute positively to the brand’s growth and community. This emotional investment is a powerful tool in customer retention, turning ordinary transactions into meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.

Stark of Zenon
I’m constantly active building, supporting, and promoting Zenon.
Here are some recent projects:

Phase 1
High level overview of main tasks:

  • Request community feedback on proposed tiers levels.
  • Create original Zenon themed poster with 5 participant roles.
  • Create a visually appealing whale chart.
  • Deliver the final products to the community.
  • Provide editable source files.
  • No rights reserved.

Completion of Phase 1 will be measured by:

  • Delivery of the artwork files.

There is no way I can argue the amount of time and effort I put into this artwork and creative schema, nor do I want to try to substantiate an AZ request for this particular project. These pieces will stand on their own, but I’ll also use them as assets in the bigger scheme of things and a broader proposal.

I want to recognize @mehowbrainz and for sponsoring my annual chatgpt plus and agent gpt subscriptions, which I constantly put to use.

  • Produce a whale chart and network participant roles poster?
  • Yes!
  • No!
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What is the difference between these two options?

It’s the difference between my first time setting up a poll, and the second time, when I will do it correctly. :upside_down_face:

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  1. Will the chart get refreshed over time?
  2. Given the “No rights reserved”, I’d be interested in converting the information into a landing page which can refresh on the fly, capture/nurture/convert. Both variations are useful, as an asset can be used to create awareness without requiring the need to click/land.

I think it’s always great to set an hourly rate / project rate for this asset (in the case the asset is included in a broader proposal in the future, you may be asked to breakdown some of the costs).

Looking forward to seeing the map you’re developing.

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