Project Name: Zenon Python SDK

Project Name: Zenon Python SDK


Proposal for development of Python SDK for Zenon. Having an official Python SDK will help us in onboarding new developers, who in-turn will help expand the Zenon ecosystem. Also, Python is super easy to play with when someone just wants to test stuff before core integration. And ofcourse, this tweet.



This is a small project, I’ll build it as a solo dev. I’ll be taking inspiration from znn.js and Dart SDK to build a Python port.


There’ll be two phases. Build the SDK and documentation.

Phase 1

  • Crypto components and utilities
  • Interface to communicate with the network
  • Wallets, models and APIs, just like other SDKs
  • Unit test coverage (80% or higher)

Phase 2

  • Publish on pypi
  • Launch gitbooks powered documentation website (hosted via Github pages)
  • Maintain and update the core SDK following the review and requirements of Zenon devs


Total Requested Funding: 2250 ZNN and 100 QSR

Project Duration: 80 to 102 hours

How did you calculate your budget?

I estimate to complete the goals in about 2.5 to 3 weeks - dedicating 30 hours a week. Although, usually people discuss hourly rates, I like to keep it weekly (because some days are super productive and some days you could be stuck on some dev issue).

With $2600/week and upper bound of estimate i.e. 3 weeks, it adds up to $7800. Assuming current ZNN price of $3.45 that’s 2250 ZNN and 100 QSR.

Project and Payment Milestones:

Phase 1

Funding Request: 70% (1572 ZNN and 100 QSR)

Duration: 72-80 hours

Phase 2

Funding Request: 30% (678 ZNN and 0 QSR)

Duration: 10-12 hours

From my previous experience, I’m pretty sure there will be upgrades and feature requests on the Github repo after we publish the first version. I’m happy to extend kind gesture and work on those as a community member. I like to take full ownership of what I do, don’t believe in shipping code and ghosting.

Special thanks to Shen for helping me find this amazing project and helping me onboard the Zenon Network.

My credibility?

I have built the entire engineering side of things at localcoinswap[dot]com and worked on ETH mainnet, BSC and Polkadot ecosystem. Have about 7 years of experience with Python tech stack. My speciality is building products and everything that’s required on backend, frontend and devops to accomplish that.

Please comment about any additional information needed or questions that you might have, I would be glad to answer.


Sir, this looks great. I’m very excited to see this submission. I will be voting yes this AM. I’m specifically interested in this SDK as I can code at a 1st grade level in python. So at least I can read your work. Thank you for participating.


Reasonable price. I like it. Picasso

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The first version of pyznn is published. Check out the Github repo and docs. Feel free to leave feedback or new request.

I’ve worked on both phases in the last 3-4 weeks. Here’s documentation: Hello from PyZNN Docs | PyZNN Docs

PS: I like making designs, so went ahead and added some illustrations on home page