Preserving Zenon's Genesis

@0x3639 and I were trying to get our hands on a copy of the Legacy Zenon (PIVX fork) chain in order to properly save, backup, and archive our history. The genesis of Zenon is not something we can afford to lose, we need to do a conscious effort to preserve our history at all times.

This is a call to any willing alien, to collaborate on compiling, dating, and archiving any piece of Zenon history.

I understand this is not a priority for the ecosystem. Stuff like documentation to onboard devs should take precedence but is also something that long term might hurt the network greatly, so we can’t ignore it either.

What needs to be backed up (feel free to suggest other sources in the comments):

  • The Legacy chain up until the latest swapped $ZNN before swap decay reached 100% (we are currently looking for someone with a copy of it)
  • Old websites
  • Whitepaper
  • Legacy/Alphanet binaries
  • Legacy/Alphanet repositories
  • Alphanet testnet chain?
  • Chat history (tg/discord)
  • Bitcointalk threads
  • Community articles
  • Memes/Culture

We can start the discussion about where it makes the most sense to save the data, and what alternatives do we have.



Great initiative and happy to help.
Sent you some stuff on discord already.

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are you asking why for all items? I’m assuming chain history is pretty evident.

As for the other items like memes/culture/articles these are just more unnecessary but might be important for some people later on. I would ask, why not?

Be careful not to open a pandaro box you would not be able to close.

Whatever Zenon fact you are alluding to is irrelevant to my point. History is history and should be preserved as such. I believe humans have never achieved a net positive by erasing the past from memory, would be shocked if aliens could.


I didn’t read. Too much words