Poll re: Bugs and How-to Categories

I am considering disabling the #development:bugs and #how-to categories in order to further streamline and clean the forums. It’s a space for discussion.

Bugs should be submitted as issues into respective repositories, while guides should be properly catalogued into ZenonOrg’s official support documentation: support.zenon.org

For this reason I suggest the following:

  1. Disable new topic creation under #development:bugs and instead list 1 topic per repository/release. The topic will link to the relevant issue management section for the respective repository.
  2. Archive all existing bug-related topics to clean the forum.
  3. Migrate any useful and relevant guides from the #how-to section into support.zenon.org
  4. Archive all existing how-to topics to clean the forum.

Please chose 2 options below:

  • Yes to Bugs
  • Yes to How-to’s
  • No to Bugs
  • No to How-to’s

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Done, closing topic.

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