Plasma Bot

I have the private key to the AZ proceeds from the QSR associated with the plasma bot developed by

The old bot was / is kinda stable. He has no idea why the new version of it keeps crashing. Alien-Valley does not have the time to fix it. Should we hire a dev to fix this? Could be a good way to test the “particle” process.


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Maybe the TELEGRAM_TOKEN expired.

no it’s brand new. I contacted Alien-Valley and he said it crashes regularly. @coinselor and I have tried to simply compile and run it and cannot even do that.

if we do hire someone to fix this I think we should add a function that unfuses the plasma over a period of time or when all the QSR is used up. Right now it fuses and leaves it there. And eventually just runs out and gives an error message that all QSR is fused.

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