Physical coins are powerful

I revived the physical coin brand in anticipation for a Zenon series rollout that’ll be used to create visibility/engagement alongside other communities, AMA’s etc.

Read this thread:

In context for TC:

An interface can do a landing page where if someone swaps for the first time a certain amount, they’re granted a coupon code which discounts the coin. Or any form of social engagemnt campaigns, the marketing squad choses their flavour of how they want to give away the memorabilia.

This campaign I’m running is identifying the performance marketers:

The challenges can get more difficult for them, they’ll have to get more creative on how they drive traffic.

Will work flawlessly with my landing page frameworks with the new

People tend to go nuts when they get these in context of a project they really care about i.e.

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11.40.36 AM


Unsurprisingly, it was just this morning that I was dreaming about handshake gifting coins to folks at crypto networking events.

If someone made a batch without the “year” on them, that would probably be best for all concerned.

The one-to-one power of physical coins is considerable.