Opportunity to get Zenon listed into a self custodial DEX (Hydranet)


There is an upcoming project called Hydranet (HDN). Their dex is gonna be out soon. Some information about the project.

“Hydranet DEX offers a native cross-chain exchange experience via Layer 2 technologies. Trade BTC to ETH directly without bridges or wrapped assets.”

“Hydranet DEX executes trades off-chain, resulting in minimal transaction fees and near-instant confirmation times, unlike on-chain counterparts.”


I have briefly connected with them through discord. I feel if its possible we should connect with them and hopefully get Zenon added to their dex. Their team lead said to open a ticket in their support thread in discord. Thoughts?

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According to some members in main tg this may be a CEX/multisig disguised as a dex kind of scheme. Be careful

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Hm. I would say someone with technical knowledge please look into their project once, cause they are open to have a discussion with us.