Open Source Analytics

Do you guys have any interest in exploring Open Source analytics for and marketing initiatives?

Something like this?


Seems interesting, I’ll give it a look!

Matomo seems a great tool from what I’ve read about it. We can test it out for free with their on-premise model. However, I strongly consider we also need a product analytics tool (Matomo is doing only web analytics). Here’s a great summary of the open-sourced solutions for Analytics & BI.

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Want to try posthog? They have a hosted version that is free for the first 1m event.

Yes, let’s do it. I can take a look at the technical part to see how hard might the implementation be.

Hi peeps, I’ve just made a pull request on the website to add PostHog plug-in to enable analytics.

Waiting to get the acceptance. Let me know who wants access to the data, I can invite them via email.


And btw, I think it’s best to add Motamal as well, but we kinda need to be on their cloud in order for us to not self-host the server.

Motamal has 21 free trial days on their cloud, shall I make another pull request for Motamal as well?

Maybe let’s see if they accept posthog. I’ll DM you my email to be added to posthog.


Still nothing, I just applied on AZ to draw the core team’s attention.
Also created this tweet, plz RT if you agree with this movement I consider a necessity.

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Can conversions be attributed to parameters set in URL’s? ie a ZNNAlien’s handle?