On-chain Accelerator-Z submission status tagger plugin for Discourse

In this new forum architecture, Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations categories each have a subcategory called “Funding | Submissions”.

This is the subcategory in which people post their Proposal topic and generate themselves a URL which they then submit on-chain when applying for Accelerator-Z.

“Funding | Submissions” topics can have tags:

  • accepted
  • cancelled
  • delivered
  • rejected
  • no tag

At the current moment, we manually tag the projects to keep track of their status. I believe it’s important for us to keep track of which proposals were accepted but never delivered their project yet. If a project remains undelivered for a period of time, the community can manually tag a project as “cancelled”. This could help us avoid a scenario in some future (when it gets much noisier around here), where someone with an undelivered project submits a funding request, and quietly wins some votes to release funds.

In order to streamline the process, I propose that we find a developer that’ll write a Discourse plugin which’ll:

  • Periodically pull all “Proposal URL” from all the Accelerator-Z submissions.
  • If a “Proposal URL” submission has a rejected status, set the rejected tag in the forum topic.
  • If a “Proposal URL” submission has an accepted status, set the accepted tag in the forum topic.
  • If a “Proposal URL” submission has a completed status, set the delivered tag in the forum topic.

This feature would eliminate the need to manually track statuses. I understand that such feature exists on ZenonHub and Zenon Tools, however the Forum is shaping itself to be a go-to place for community to browse topics and collaborate. I believe it’s useful to have some key informations available in every workspace.

If the project is supported by the community, I can delegate this task to a developer in my circle and have him submit an official proposal in the “Funding | Submissions” subcategory.

Please vote and feel free to add feedback regarding the expected max budget for the proposal.

  • Yes let’s hire and implement this
  • No let’s skip it

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