Now is the time to take action

We are getting ready to lay the foundation for an epic bull run. In the US our economy is about to hit a brick wall (Q4 / Q1). The fed is going to stop raising rates, pivot, and then turn on all sorts of money printers to help the banks. The CRE markets are toast in 2024 / 2025. The fed will print. Other countries will print too. China already started.

Risk assets are correlated with liquidity and money printing. So when money printing go up, risk assets go up. I have very strong conviction that crypto will rip in 2025 / 2026. If we want to join the party, now is the time to take action.

We need to lay the foundation this year and next. We need to deliver Phase I before the bull market starts to rip. If you were ever considering contributing to NoM, now is the time. We need help. We need more than opinions. We need action. Opinions are great, but when they get in the way of taking action they just slow us down.

We need contributors that are willing to jump in and try stuff, even if you hit a brick wall. Have a look at KAS to see all the shitty work they produced before things improved. Try, learn, iterate, improve, try again. They built a community from ZERO.

@mehowbrainz is ramping up his marketing engine. Others are doing things solo. There is no reason others cannot market this project and build a community. There is plenty of work to go around, so if you want this project to succeed now is the time to jump in. DM me, @mehowbrainz , @Stark or any other contributor if you are looking to make a difference in this project. Now is the time.

Read this article if you want to hear with @cryptohayse thinks is up about the economy and crypto near term.


In regards to the article: this is what stood out: Decentralized compute and storage.

In regards to timing, it’s perfect timing. I’m jumping in.


There is never perfect timing. There’s only now.


“We are getting ready to lay the foundation for an epic bull run”

You got yourself a cristal ball?

Hayes has interesting takes but never timed the market right. He’s an arb trader and you should remember that when it comes to his predictions.

Should marketers try and iterate for free?

Yes, for now. That is my recommendation and that is what I am doing personally. I have no idea if my marketing efforts are yielding any results so I don’t think I should get AZ for them.

Individual marketing efforts don’t need to be entirely unpaid.

There could be a monthly prize for best marketing effort, stimulating competition and innovation. No one is incentivized to do marketing and those that try are criticized to oblivion. Let’s shake things up a bit.

The community or a panel of elected judges can vote on marketing submissions and the top 1 or top 3 (whatever the rules end up being) receive a ZNN/QSR prize.

Assessing marketing results is difficult and grading efforts is subjective, but this idea is possible and easy to implement.

I disagree, we can measure. If we can send probes to Mars, we can measure marketing touchpoints and the value to the network. It’s less subjective than people think it is, maybe they just don’t understand the capabilities of marketing yet.


Marketing efforts are very measurable and must be at all times, any professional will confirm this. subjective judgment rather than objective quantification just leads to Desaster. The Only thing that is hard to measure is brand value.

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Do you have a plan to address marketing incentives? The bridge commission isn’t enough.

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Funny you say this b/ I’ve been looking at KAS and all their community videos. Here is a link to them if you want to see the outcome > Discord

They started this effort on Feb 1, 2023. It looks like the first award was $100 USD (20,000 KAS).

Here is the twitter launch and medium article.

I don’t know how many people submitted for the contest, but over time it looks like they have generated close to 100 videos. Many of them are “low quality” with many more views than our official trailer.

Does the community think we should proactively prevent people from making videos about NoM unless they are “production quality”?


Ya, second this…unlike code/infra/product which needs to speak for itself (and it does here)…marketing can and must be A/B tested rapidly to see what sticks.

Some of the best marketing campaigns/ads are often the most “homegrown.” There is a time and place for very professional quality vids/assets but we’re not capable or invited yet to advertise at the Super Bowl (even then Coinbase’s ad there was still super low budget but effective)

The single most important objective atm is to SHIP. CONTENT. YESTERDAY. in any form or fashion on any medium so we can GET. THE. DATA. about what works and what doesnt. After multiple iterations the quality will improve that can help BUILD. THE. BRAND.



Let’s make a $100 USD price for developpers to be more motivated and drop the A.Z shenanigans. Dozens of developpers competing for $100 USD, fair?

First 500$ second 300$ third 200$. I can contribute monthly. We bring as much usdt/znn from the community donation and monthly we share this amount for 3 paid places.

I’m not proposing we should do that, I’m giving an example of what they did.

Here are more examples of recent software work and marketing work in the 12K USD range each. If anyone here knows a high quality developer or marketer willing to spend hundreds of hours on projects for a few hundred dollars please make an introduction.

The community crowd sources this work. They post the work, community members contribute to the fund, and the community does the work and earns the rewards.

I’m not saying we should do that but why not crowdsourcing developpers work? After each contribution, they can share a pot. I’m not saying we should, I’m just asking questions.

It is a good question. Let me investigate more how KAS did it (fund development) when the price was very low.

I am loving this momentum that’s building up.


Not yet, but I understand that this is something that should be addressed at some point.

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