Notes for Discussion about ZIP Framework on Twitter Spaces

Why are we discussing the ZIP framework (again…)?

  1. Romeo proposed a ZIP framework. It was debated and approved
  2. The framework was generally based on the BTC BIP process, but Romeo researched many other blockchain improvement processes
  3. We asked the team to create a repository on the official Zenon-Network Github to host ZIPs
  4. The team ignored the request
  5. George questioned the ZIP process and asked Pillars to reconsider the approach with a new AZ. It was approved.
  6. Shazz and 0x proposed a new structure similar to Romeo’s and the BIP process, but without a central editor. The current proposal removes central editors, generally matches the BIP process, and gives Pillars the opportunity to host and sponsor ZIPs. The Pillar would act as a central editor to their own repo.

Explain the Process Like I never Read the new ZIP framework

  1. Any community member can propose a ZIP
  2. The author debates the merits of the ZIP with the community and seeks sponsorship of a Pillar
  3. Once a Pillar sponsors a ZIP and further refines the ZIP after more debate, it can be published in a repo hosted by the Pillar for a vote.
  4. Once a vote is taken a ZIP can either become active or it signals to the developers the community supports the initiative and they can spend time coding the ZIP
  5. Depending on the type of code (implementation / hard fork / soft fork) dictates how each type of code gets implemented.
  6. In summary the new process is a decentralized and distributed variation of the BIP process. Anyone can propose a ZIP and any Pillar can sponsor a ZIP. Each Pillar is their own central editor. The community votes on ZIPs in a TBD process.

Topics of discussion

  • Should we assume that Kaine does not want to host the central repo just because he did not respond?
  • Why is the process so complicated?
  • How do we vote on ZIPs
    ZIP:deeZNNutz-0001 draft
    – for Informational ZIPs: All ZNN holders
    – for Implementation ZIPs: Public node operators
    – for Soft Forks: Public node operators
    – for Sporks: Pillars
  • How does the voting tool work?
  • Should we push forward as proposed and try out the process?
  • Should we start over? If so, who will propose the new Framework?