NoM's Technical Voice

To complement the memes, narratives, myths, and mass-market distillation of Zenon community’s current marketing efforts, it is imperative that we start surface more of the technical attributes/caliber of NoM itself. In the same way that Ordinals has Casey Rodarmor, Ethereum - Vitalik, Solana - Anatoly, Zcash - Zooko, Polkadot - Gavin, etc. NoM needs a technical voice to increase credibility.

All of the aftorementioned voices lay out the technical merits of their stances openly and defend them actively on X. Now this isn’t to say that NoM needs ONE voice to articulate the underlying tech better, it can very well be distributed across several voices which is line with the ethos anyways. No one person speaks for BTC either.

Even just starting with splicing out all the moving parts of NoM and highlighting unique attributes could be a great way to start. For example, just a whole thread on unikernels and why they will be important for NoM. Or a deep-dive into why the dual-coin architecture is important. If there is one singular technical architecture that someone understands and cares about the most in NoM, let’s help articulate why! There’s more than enough to work with and in the right format/thread/engagement we can start better penetrating CT discussions to get people talking and start peeling the onion layers.