NoM Multichain Tech [x/19] AZs are In

You just had to get tZNN and GoerliETH from the faucet and try it out. Sumamu was already running the testnet. Nothing complicated.


We’ll postpone creating the phases for a few days while deploying the bridge. We can continue the discussions then.


Show me the easily accessible docs

Hope all is well with the deployment, any reason for the delay this week? Any updates appreciated.

We needed to adjust some TSS parameters & minor bug fixes. You can check the repo for updates.

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Noticed this was just identified for ECDSA TSS implementations. I suppose it doesn’t affect ours with the NoM multichain tech being EdDSA/Ed25519, but curious what inherently makes them all so vulnerable.


NoM is ed25519, but the bridge uses ecdsa on both sides (eth and nom). We’ll make it a priority to look into the research and determine if it affects the bridge. The bridge does have security mechanisms that protect it against a TSS issue.

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Now that the bridge has launched, let’s get into this.


We’re good with the plan @ZNNAYIID has proposed and we’ll start on Monday, if that’s ok with everyone.


@sumamu I was wondering if you are going to ask for all the remaining funds, since your A Z proposal was including Support and Documentations, but most of this was done by other community members especially HC1 devs.

Sumamu and I have worked out my support for helping launch / support the Orchestrator. I will not be submitting an AZ for my time.


I recommend leveraging the P2P revolution for this OTC transaction. alienwinkyface

You can send him back some nutz token.

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good call.

Documentation (complete & easy to follow tutorials) are much needed for launching Orchestrators & for the bridging process (Syrius, Wallet connect, ETH wallet, affiliate program…everything) but unfortunately there’s nothing like that yet. I have friends who are interested in Zenon but the only thing they can do easily for now is to buy wZNN on Uniswap and hold it on Metamask. I hope it’s in your plans (as proposed) to provide all necessary documentation to facilitate the process for newcomers @sumamu


I don’t know why sumamu ignored my question but I’m glad that you are getting paid for your time…
If it wasn’t for you and other HC1 devs, the first launch attempt would’ve failed… thanks for your support

Sumamu and I have been discussing it on TG for a while. We agreed to handle it offline which is probably why he did not respond.

My feeling is we are all working towards a common goal and I commend everyone for all the hard work!! We all need each other to be successful.

Dev update is almost done and the amount of work accomplished over the last 2 months is remarkable!!

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I agree with @0x3639.

I can’t stop anyone from offering support nor would I want to.

It’s also up to every community member to reach out for support and assistance.

I’ve made myself available to every inquiry and will continue do to so. What more can I do?

As for the documentation, it was not the top priority.

Wasn’t it better that we focused our valuable resources and energy on delivering:

  • the bridge
  • the orbital
  • and on top of that the affiliate program?

I’d say it’s quite good. It is up to every community member to suggest changes and improve it.

@ZNNAYIID like always, ungrateful. Without @sumamu we wouldn’t have any markets right now. Let that sink in. And I don’t even mention Orbital.

I suggest you change your attitude. We don’t need fud between us. Keep this in mind before posting.

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I appreciate everyone who stood up and supported all the work delivered by HCT.

I don’t think @ZNNAYIID is fudding, but rather doing his best to defend the AZ funds and get the best deal for the entire ecosystem.

It’s the community’s job to do that and the builders’ job to show proof of their work and convince the community of their efforts (even when those efforts are obvious).

Tho’ I do believe the approach should be a more diplomatic one, because some builders might feel uncomfortable having to defend themselves and even feel unappreciated. We’re human beings after all.

@dexter703 for example has greatly limited his interactions with the community because of this very reason.


I appreciate you understanding that questioning A Z proposals isn’t considered fudding, and doesn’t indicate any lack of appreciation or opposition. Personally, I think we already have enough of appreciation posts and messages, and we need more members to question and ask for more clarity.

And just to be clear, these questions and concerns aren’t exclusively mine, many community members share the same thoughts, it just so happens that I am the one voicing them publicly… again I genuinely value your efforts and contributions to this community, and if some misinterpret my intentions as spreading FUD, so be it.

Dexter limited his interaction with the community since his Incentivized Marketing Platform proposal, I think he wasn’t anticipating these types of reactions… which, for some community members, is considered as FUD.

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The alien breed with thicker skin will prevail. Space is not getting more hospitable any time zoon.