NoM Multichain Tech [x/19] AZs are In

I’ve had a lot of private conversations about @sumamu’s AZ request for his team’s work on the Multiverse. He just submitted 19 AZs totaling 95k ZNN and 950k QSR. The Hyperspace fund has 120k ZNN and 1.2M QSR. I plan to votes “Yes” on all of them.

According to the medium post, Hyperspace Program represents the inception of Accelerator-Z , but with an augmented focus on initiatives that fulfill the vision of a cross-chain compatible network. And @sumamu and his team are delivering a critical piece of this infrastructure.

NoM is basically half built. According to Kaine, we need to deliver the following to achieve Phase 1:

Narwhal and Tusk
Dynamic/Adaptive Plasma
Interop solutions
IBD with zk proofs (ZeroSync)
libp2p layer (upgraded)

Let’s face it, it we don’t deliver Phase 1 in a reasonable amount of time, it’s likely this project will fizzle out. We need to deliver Phase 1 to expect any reasonable level of adoption. And we need adoption in order for the value of the network to go up.

So the balancing act is we need to deliver Phase 1 and deliver it with enough treasury left to grow the dev base going forward. If we don’t deliver Phase 1, it does not matter how much $ZNN we spend because the project will likely never gain traction.

For this first block of work by Sumamu, we really cannot measure the impact or value. It’s the first step in many to come. But it’s a step in the right direction. Over the last few months Sumamu has dramatically increased his level of communication and coordination with the community and other developers. And he plans to build more to help deliver Phase 1.

In Summary: I support his work, the amount he is requesting is hard to “justify” or quantify but it’s within budget, and if we don’t deliver Phase 1 all of this does not matter. We can give him 5000 ZNN or 5M ZNN, the utility and value of the network will remain low.


I support his work too. He’s fat. If people paid for useless marketing and low IQ Twitter campaigns they should not fret over real actual work.


Sumo fat is built different. Go watch Sumo figthers on youtube.



I watched Sanctuary on Netflix, the Sumo show. I think Sumamu is there. Absolute fat Chad. I voted yes to all proposals from Sumamu just because of that show featuring fat asians.

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Did you guys find a [1/19] NoM Multichain Tech AZ submission? Mine started at [2/19]

No. I assumed I was too retarded to comprehend Sumo’s mathematical takes.

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18 * 5000 = 90000 and the first project was already paid I guess.

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Got it. Make sense. Forgot about the one already submitted.

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@sumamu I have a few questions from the community:

  • can you give us an estimate of how many total manhours were spent to deliver the Multichain Tech?
  • Does your current application include work from @dexter703 and uluCthulhu on the wallet extension?
  • Does the current application include the web interface? (
  • Can you tell us how you are going to request disbursement after approved? i.e. will you request X% at launch and y% some time after to address any issues?
  • Will the necessary governance module be a separate AZ or is that included in this request.

Also, you are working on other solutions for NoM. Some community members have voiced concerns about what it’s going to take (financially) to get to Phase 1.

  • zKRollup
  • Incentivized Marketing
  • Please Elaborate

Can you give us a rough idea of your expectations for AZ disbursements to get to Phase 1? EDIT: I’ve been spending all day in TG talking to community members. It’s very clear the community wants / needs to understand the future road map and what your rough order of magnitude expectations will be. You know what it took to deliver Multichain tech. You probably have a sense of you roadmap. We know there are about 5 other devs working hard on various projects. Can we deliver Phase 1 with enough AZ left to support the project?

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“Incentivized Marketing” We should stop these marketing non sense. In a bear market that’s just a waste of funds.

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We didn’t actually count the hours, but to give you an estimation: ~6000 hours since we joined the community + ~2000 hours into TSS before that.

Weren’t those funded already?

That’s dexter’s piece of the pie and it’s up to him to estimate the efforts and request funds to cover the development costs.

We intend to create the phases and after that it’s up to the pillars to decide when to release the funds. Most issues, including support and maintenance should be covered by the rewards. It’s also in our best interest to keep things working well.

The governance module is not budgeted, but it will be based on AZ with some changes, so the costs shouldn’t be very high.

The community is right to worry if AZ can cover future development, but the real issue is not how much ZNN & QSR is left, but rather how much value it has.

We invested our time in building stuff for the ecosystem and we intend to continue to do our best and bring as much value as possible.

We didn’t start building here just to cover our costs.


While I agree that a bear market will minimize the results of any marketing efforts, it is CRITICAL that the community starts ASAP.

During this bear market, we can still win over new community members and most important, we have the chance to experiment and build an effective marketing framework for the bull market.

In a bull market there won’t be enough time to get everything together and we’ll end up missing a huge opportunity.


Now that the AZs are approved, my recommendation is you ask for payment in two tranches as requested by some of the community members.

x% after launching
y% some time after launch and stabilization

In the past we have released 100% of funds before fully testing code in production and the community has been disappointed. This is no different than retention on a construction contract. These sort of terms of payment are typical in my experience.


I agree with what @0x3639 said, 50% of the asked funds is enough to cover your expenses, spawn a pillar, sentinels and delegating.
Then for the rest maybe you can ask for 10k ZNN and 100K QSR every week or so, that will give the community around a month to test everything since most of them didn’t bother to try it out in the testnet.

This is just my suggestion, you are free to do whatever you want.



There’s no testnet docs and it’s too hard

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You just had to get tZNN and GoerliETH from the faucet and try it out. Sumamu was already running the testnet. Nothing complicated.


We’ll postpone creating the phases for a few days while deploying the bridge. We can continue the discussions then.


Show me the easily accessible docs