NoM Community Contribution Guidelines

As we work through this first wave of community contributions to SYRIUS and go-zenon I hope we can learn from this process and prepare some Community Contribution Guidelines.

@coinselor you found many good examples. Can you share some of the links here in this post. I think @sol_sanctum found this one. jon atack - How to Contribute Pull Requests to Bitcoin Core

I hope others can share examples and then someone from the community (other than the guys writing code) can synthesize the information and prepare Community Contribution Guidelines.

We can use the wiki function of the forum and many people can contribute once we have the framework in place.


I’ll gather the sources as I create the document for reference. My goal is to provide a little bit more than a skeleton document to set the basic structure in place while making it clear where I think NoM-specific content should be provided/filled in by actual developers. I will try to get it done asap since there is a great need for it. However, this is not a document we can afford to half-ass, so proper research and attention to detail are essential.

On the bright side, it looks like contributing devs are finding some common ground and moving toward some sort of consensus :slight_smile: