NoM Asset Bridging as Marketing

It seems that enabling bridging new EVM assets onto NoM is relatively straightforward. Just the act of doing this could double as marketing/awareness efforts within the original issuer communities when published on social and highlighting the NoM benefits even if it’s just OTC transfers for now.

Here are a couple that come to mind:

Bankless BED Index (BTC, ETH, DPI in equal weights)
-USDC β†’ could call it USDZ :slight_smile:
-NFT community coins (ex. APE Coin)


Agreed. All of these are products of NoM, just like delegating, staking, pillars etc. Each require marketing strategies of their own.


Add USDT, the most liquid stable. It’s a mandatory one to have. All top defi tokens could be swapped 1:1 onto NoM. It would attract builders and users.