🔥 NFTs on NoM, fr

Man, am I excited about this one.

I’ve spotted some ZTS’ in the wild that are strikingly similar to what a NFT would resemble and it got me thinking: if Ordinals were possible on BTC, then NFTs must be possible on NoM too, right?

Check these out:

Clearly someone’s been thinking about it since May and even issued 2 ZTS’, guessing that’s @georgezgeorgez (as pointed out by @digitalSloth)

So today, I’ve acted on it and reached out to @digitalSloth to see if he’d be willing to add this feature in ZenonHub, since it already has most of the infrastructure in place.

To no surprise, as a true alien, he’s happy to get onboard and I’ve offered to handle the discussions about how the standard should look like.

So for a ZTS to qualify as a NFT it would need to have the following properties:

  • domain points to ipfs where the metadata and media are stored
  • totalSupply = 1
  • maxSupply = 1
  • decimals = 0

This part is easy and inspired by the examples above.

Since the domain is pointing to ipfs, anything can be stored there in any format. But we need a standard format for apps and website to be able to read it and display the NFT’s content correctly.

Before @digitalSloth can start implementing this feature into ZenonHub and other devs (@aliencoder @sol_sanctum @vilkris) hopefully implement related features in syrius, we need to figure out what goes into that ipfs link.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, let’s start by looking into how others are doing it already (eg.: Ethereum NFTs, Bitcoin Orginals)

For storage, I’ve found the following service used by OpenSea any many others:



I want my ballz on there.

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There are several ways to inscribe data on NoM, each with their own tradeoffs.

While these are indeed non-fungible tokens, I would caution against this approach for large collections since you need to burn 1 ZNN per token.

In the future, the Zenon Asset Standard will be used to deploy an assortment of assets on NoM without this cost.

Until then, users are free to adapt the ZTS in unconventional ways to trade NFTs.
In fact, it’s inevitable.


I need a nut collection.

We better start minting them NoM NFTs when the minting fee is below $1 :laughing:

ipfs is ruggable right? Like I could mint a ZTS pointing to a ipfs URL and change what’s stored in that address in the future?

If someone want to work with me on a nut collection, I’ll front 100 znn to mint 100 sets of ballz. It would be awesome to run this through the noun algo. @sol_sanctum let’s do it!!!

What are the ballz characteristics??? Classic. I refuse to act my age.

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I’d prefer having things onchain and not mimicking ETH on this question. Or stored on BTC. Maybe some thinking about Ordinals bridging could be interesting?

What make Nouns unique is their fully onchain nature though

To clarify I find kinda meh the idea of having an onchain object acting as an authenticity certificate pointing to a non onchain content. You just own a certificate. It’s interesting but not really cool to me, personal opinion. Beside the BTC narrative is about Ordinals VS BTC with this kind of reflection about what NFTs are.

I’m not certain of IPFS immutability and permanence.
Check out this thread about pinning.

IMO the best options for those criteria are:

  • Zenon (on-chain)
  • Bitcoin (off-chain)
  • Arweave (off-chain)

We need some sort of standard that indexers can use to validate (and maybe even authenticate) NFTs. We can look to other platforms for inspiration, like brc-20, src-20, xcp…

If anyone else wants to jump in and volunteer for this part, by all means. Otherwise, I can whip up a framework and tooling to generate collections.

I can make you pixel balls.

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There are immutable options too.

Bitcoin does benefit from having content stored onchain because the minter pays for storage fees.

However, in our case, it’s more advantageous to store the content offchain.

Can a standard allow storing on IPFS and BTC, letting people decide what to do ? There must be way to retrieve BTC ordinals content through URLs or something. Storing on IPFS is really ETH ethos.

Technically, yes.

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Like I said here

People could pay with plasma though.

This could be an opportunity to tackle on the Ordinal market and bring new users in rather than letting us having fun with NFTs in our own bubble. Bitcoin it.

Indeed, we must limit this capability. Once we start down this path, dynamic plasma will be required to keep the network stable.

This is our mission here.

What would make the NFTs experience and nature unique on the NoM could be an interesting question. ETH NFTs on other chains pathetically failed to get any traction or interesting development, except for SOL at the bullrun peak.

(Here I am, your good old party pooper)