New NFT standard hidden messages

Anyone good with puzzles and code? The new NFT standard article surely has some hidden messages within, the most likely being in the example image they provided:



The images list 9 RGB codes - converted to hex they are as below (* indicates hidden data image)

R207G120B70 #cf7846
*R206G120B71 #ce7847

R227G171B86 #e3ab56
*R226G170B88 #e2aa58

R227G168B78 #e3a84e
*R226G168B81 #e2a851

R223G152B64 #df9840
*R223G153B67 #df9943

R214G129B72 #d68148
*R215G129B75 #d7814b

R215G135B70 #d78746
*R215G134B70 #d78646

R209G124B65 #d17c41
*R208G126B67 #d07e43

R198G99B59 #c6633b
*R198G98B58 #c6623a

R202G212B75 #cad44b
*R203G113B75 #cb714b

hmm looks like the image was lifted from older non-related articles so no hidden message in that one it seems

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The most fun I had with steganography was with Cicada, nice to see new techniques being possible today ^^ here’s some info on the puzzles: Cicada 3301 First Puzzle Walkthrough | Boxentriq

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With the example image above, how do you determine the last byte value when there is more than 1 byte difference?

hmm yea you mean i.e. the third line?

  • R209 G124 B65 - R208 G126 B67

Yea I don’t really get that either because that’s not the last bit that changes. Perhaps in this example it’s only the R value? But then you would expect the other values to be the same.

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i suspect you could convert the HEX to decimal or binary, then count the difference between the two?

R209G124B65 #d17c41 13728833 110100010111110001000001
*R208G126B67 #d07e43 13663811 110100000111111001000011

How confident are you there’s something there to find? It would make sense for them to do it.

in the entire article? There’s surely something at least

In that example image I suspect it’s nothing as it was a re-used graphic

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I just did a LSB crude test (decreasing brightness and increasing contrast to min and max values respectively on gimp) on the original Taproot upgrade treasure hunt .png tweeted, but no luck.