Multisig for Zenon CEX Fundraising Event

As we prepare for our upcoming fundraising event, it’s important to plan how we’ll manage the funds raised. We’ll be accepting donations in ZNN through NoM and USDT on EVM-compatible chains. Let’s dive into how we can do this securely and efficiently.

USDT Donations

For USDT donations, we’re keeping it simple. We’ll use a multisig wallet on Safe with trusted community members as signers. This means no single person has control over the funds. We’re considering either a 3-out-of-5 or 5-out-of-7 setup. Tagging some viable candidates to check their availability and willingness to cooperate:

Stark :white_check_mark:
@shaimo :white_check_mark:
@SugoiBTC :white_check_mark:
@0x3639 :white_check_mark:
@sumamu :white_check_mark:
@coinselor :white_check_mark:
@sultanofstaking :white_check_mark:
@Zashounet :white_check_mark:

Of course other community members are more than welcome to participate, suggestions are appreciated. In my mind, an ideal set would be something like Shaimo + 1-2 developers + 2-3 community admins.

Keep in mind this is just a temporary holding of funds until payment to the CEX is finalized. Therefore, efficiency is more important in this case.

ZNN Donations

ZNN donations are a bit more tricky. We have two main options:

  1. Using a Community Member’s Address: We could just use the address of a trusted community member, like a pillar operator, to collect the funds.

  2. Direct Donation to A-Z: Alternatively, donations could go directly to AZ, and we track the amounts during the event. If the event is a success, a verified pillar address will request the funds through an AZ proposal. The challenge here comes when we need to return funds should the event not meet its goals. It’s a bit more complicated but manageable.

Our goal is to make the fundraising event not only successful but also transparent and secure.

It’s worth noting that I have omitted a BTC address for donations for simplicity’s sake, but I think we should definitely consider offering one.


I’m in :saluting_face:

happy to do it. I think we can add @coinselor also to the list. For ZNN donations, it’s possible some are willing to take in the ZNN at an exchange rate and then donate USDT on behalf of that person.

So for example, maybe we set a donation exchange rate of $1.25USD per ZNN. Someone donates 100 ZNN to an “exchanger”, and that exchanger then gives $125 USDT to the fundraiser. Just an idea.


I’m in the process of moving, given the chaos atm and responsibilities with upcoming marketing campaigns/funnel developments I’d rather stand on the sidelines for this one to not delay anything.


Added @sultanofstaking and myself. I figure since he has been consistently active lately he might be a perfect fit for this use-case.

Removed mehowz.


As the progress seems to be at a standstill at the moment, I would like to nominate @Zashounet as an additional candidate for the multisig.


I want to donate $10 just to be on that list.

It would be good to have this prepared, wen cex still on ppls mind.

I support Zashu being added.

Added checkmarks for Zashu and Shaimo.

Would love to get a dev on board.

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Dm’ing sumamu on TG to check if he’s seen this yet.

I’m in. What do you need me to do?

Added and confirmed @Stark and @sumamu. We are good to go.

Will let participants know of next steps in due time. Thanks all for volunteering/participating.


Hi everyone, is there any update on this?
I have tears in my eyes seeing the bull market happening and leaving Zenon behind. Know many people who refuse to buy just because of the crazy ETH fees.


Multisig wallet has been created. We are doing a test transaction.


Thanks for the update Zir!