Multiple proposals for the same task?

How should Pillars treat multiple proposals for the same dev task?

On a daily basis I’m getting 1-3 applicants for the zkEVM job. At some point we can expect that maybe one will post a proposal. If it’s solid, and another dev is 1-2 days away from posting his proposal (and he’s also solid), how should the Pillars and community handle such scenarios? Is it a race to be the first to propose? Should the network accept multiple proposals for the same task?

It’s gonna happen someday. Let’s talk about it.

The best approach for treating multiple proposals for the same dev task is to evaluate each proposal on its own merit, regardless of whether it was the first or last received. The focus should be on evaluating the technical proficiency and overall fit of each developer, as well as the quality and feasibility of their proposal.

It’s not necessary to have a race to be the first to propose, but rather to have an open and transparent evaluation process that takes into consideration all proposals received. This ensures that the best proposal is chosen and the project is successful.

Ultimately, it’s up to the Pillars and community to decide whether to accept multiple proposals for the same task, as they have the final say in determining the best course of action for the network.

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Welcome to the community @mike. I agree that it shouldn’t be a race, but what if some of the devs/Pillars know that another proposal is in development, and the first one has been posted. The first one has a 14 day window to get approved/rejected. So the community will have to take its chance on the first, or reject it if they want to see what option #2-3-4… will be.

The goal should be to make a decision that is in the best interest of the network and its goals, while also being fair to all developers who have submitted proposals. If additional proposals are received, they should be evaluated in a timely manner to ensure that the network can move forward with the chosen solution.

It’s important to have clear and open communication with all developers, especially in these types of situations, to ensure that everyone is aware of the status of their proposals and the evaluation process. This can help mitigate any misunderstandings or confusion and maintain a positive and productive working relationship

Ideally, it’ll be better to all devs who are interested in the same task communicate each other and find the best proposal for it. Then the community will evaluate each individual’s contribution.

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Perhaps there should be an official discussion thread in the forum for each job/task which is actively being campaigned in the outbound.

We can ask applicants to discuss intentions, ideas and promote ways for them to collaborate with one another via this funnelled approach.

This creates new questions:

  • Is it feasible for devs to develop a joint-proposal for tasks like the zkEVM?
  • The job posts are likely to get renewed until a proposal gets approved. Some devs may be ahead of others in their research / proposal development if they wish to go at it alone. I guess while devs communicate their progress in the thread it signals to newcomer devs whether the opportunity is still really there, or if it’s been close to filled?

In my opinion, for such complex ecosystem projects, a wider community discussion must happen before even starting them.


My thoughts exactly

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