Mimic Bitcoin's Halving Schedule

The only area where Zenon doesn’t mimick Bitcoin is the emission halving schedule.

As we all know, price go up is the best way to create attention. Inflation inhibits price from going up since existing network participants tend to liquidate part of their rewards.

I suggest we implement an emission halving schedule with the same cadence and timing as Bitcoin’s. I’d argue that lower apy but stronger price increase due to heightened scarcity attracts more holders & investors than higher apy which dampens the increase of price/value per znn/qsr.


I would support this unless someone has a compelling reason to counter. ZNN has a history of reducing emissions so this sounds reasonable

I was preparing a ZIP to divert emissions to AZ, but I started to rethink that after reading the posts from @aliencoder about merge mining. We will need to change emissions to incentivize mining, so what ever we do should be in concert with those change IMO.

Need to consider:

  • Funding of AZ
  • Miner Rewards
  • Overall emission schedule

I wouldn’t touch the emission schedule.

We have 5 first class citizens in NoM:

  • Pillars
  • Sentinels
  • Delegators
  • Stakers
  • Liquidity Providers

We will have 2 more:

  • Miners
  • Sentry nodes

I support the idea to replenish AZ fund with a fraction of the total emission.


The distribution among network participants would not change, only the overall amounts in ZNN / QSR would. Instead of 2 ZNN x $3, one would receive 1 $ZNN (which would now be at $6 all other things being equal).

When inflation is high, it’s more difficult to get a steady uptrend on a chart which is the #1 adoption driver :person_shrugging:


I support ideas which make it increasingly difficult to acquire new ZNN.

Vote yessss

Inflation isn’t high though.