Milky Way - NFT Marketplace for ZNN ecosystem

After 3 years of ecstasy and agony I’m still here. Still in the ZNN family, surrounded by funny, creative and intelligent Aliens. Now, after so long, we have the opportunity to build and develop this community trough the Accelerator-Z.

Many people supported my and other artist’s projects and helped us grow and now I have to show my appreciation so I decided to reward the community by contributing to the development of an NFT platform together with a team of developers specialized in this industry.

I have already started discussions with the development team and we have established that we need funds worth of $20,000 (2800 $ZNN and 5000 $QSR) to build this platform. This amount includes the team’s share and all the tools we need for developing. To present an MVP we need $6000 and at least 2 weeks of work.

In terms of time, it is a complex project and requires a lot of attention, patience and diligence. The estimated time to build this NFT marketplace is between 1 and 3 months, depending on the workload.

The main phases of development are:

  1. Website UI UX design
  2. Front end Development
  3. Smart Contract Development
  4. Backend Development
  5. Blockchain, wallet and Web3 integration
  6. User Testing
  7. Deployment

We will update the progress using a roadmap that will be visible on this forum or on the platform’s website.

I hope that I have attracted the attention of the community with this proposal and I am waiting for the votes of the pillars to make this a reality.


Smart contract development - that would mean you want to add execution abilities for non-embedded smart contracts to the protocol?

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Sorry, but I’m not that so technical. I talked to the team regarding s y r i u s integration and S.C. I also presented them Zenon’s resources from Github. They said it can be done.


I really love the idea of an NFT marketplace. Looking at the proposal I think there a lot of technical details missing though.

For example: Blockchain, wallet and Web3 integration

What does this contain? What does Web3 integration mean in the context of zenon? Maybe someone from the dev team could come and explain this in a bit more detail.


I like the idea and certainly see the need for it but IMO the proposal is a bit meager and could use a lot more detail to at least give some indication of how much planning and design has already been put into the project.

Further, it would be great to understand the extent of the core functionalities, perhaps already see some wireframes etc.

Assuming you’ll start from scratch after getting the approval for the grant, 3 months until deployment seems very ambitious (though it’s hard to tell how extensive the feature set will be based on the information provided and how many people will dedicate how much time on building it). Anything below 3 months is unrealistic.

This application should require the submission of a more detailed roadmap and product outline prior to being approved, in my honest opinion.


I admit that there are many details that have not been established, but please keep in mind that the development team is not part of this ecosystem so they need to deepen their knowledge about our environment. That’s why I gave them some materials to read and our open resources to analyze.

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Ok sorry but I think these things could and should be validated before proposing tbh. I mean you know that we don’t have the capabilities to run custom smart contracts yet, so that project would be impossible to implement without changes to the protocol and znnd code.


If you’re the project lead that has to introduce external devs to this I would even more expect an extended project description that you would have had to create for them. In my experience, outsourcing development work requires a detailed specification of what you’re looking for. Assuming that devs (who are not part of this community) will be able to figure out how this will look like is unrealistic, in my opinion.

To me it seems the stage of this project is still very early as it needs more substance in terms of planning and specification to merit the approval of such a funding request.


This is a good idea and who other than MrHeiznnberg to be it’s midwife? :grin:
I can fully understand the challenges in launching such an initiative when you come from the Creative side, not the Coding side (although they are not mutually exclusive). So I see this conversation continuing until we’re all in agreement about HOW this will become a reality.
As to WHO - I fully support MrHeiznnberg in his proposal to bring us our NFT marketplace.
I agree - the proposal needs to be thrashed out until it’s solid with all boxes ticked.
As an aside I LOVE that you selected ‘Milky Way’. It’s spot-on: In a world full of clever names that are quickly forgotten in the maelstrom of crypto start-ups. This one will stick. :+1:


First of all, I have to say that I appreciate your support! Second, all of you are right! As an artist, I don’t have the knowledge to code or even to understand how the code runs. I started this proposal not because I thought I can build things on my own, but because I am persevering and I am good at connecting people. George, Dumeril and other local developers can’t do all the work by themselves. So, for the best results we can try to combine our experts with other from an outer source. At least, the mission of Accelerator-Z is to grow the ecosystem, and how can we do that if not working with new developers? I think this is an answer for the “HOW” part. Regarding the “WHO”, to be honest, I don’t even care if my name will remain in the history of ZNN or not. I am very proud because I can work with people like you and together we can build things that will serve this network. In the end, “Milky Way” it’s @ZNNAYIID 's contribution. And yes, it’s a great name!


Dumeril, Jeron, George and any other ‘Dev-heads’ please chime in here. There has been a chat about out-sourcing development for critical infrastructure that touches on the security aspect. The developer guys employed to do this could code in an exploit so that they could hack the NFT marketplace at some stage down the line. So an external audit/check on the code would be something to factor into your proposal. And/or a creative way to code something in a secure way.

You don’t want Milky Way to be the next Mt Gox :-1:

You need smart contracts first. The only SCs on syrius right now are embedded in go-zenon. Embedded SCs are not the right way to go for this task. They should sit outside the node software.


I feel this could benefit by splitting up into 2 main phases:
Phase 1 being the frontend, website UI, internal data flows/transactions etc. (even if initially conceptual), marketing, planning
Phase 2 being integration of whatever SC mechanism gets developed (I feel this is important enough that it needs to be an A-Z proposal on its own by a developer)

That way you could be reimbursed for delivering on Phase 1 - whilst things fall into place with smart contracts. Unless the devs you’re talking to are confident to develop a SC solution?

I definitely support the idea in principle and would back an artist being in charge of the NoM NFT marketplace


I think this is a really good idea, to get the ball rolling.

Maybe even change the proposal to just building out a front end - like a zenonized version of OpenSea.

And then once there is more details on the Nft standard and other tech needed. There could be a second proposal to build backend functionality and connect the two.


Brainstorming push us to make moves. I love it! I am thankful for everyone’s opinion and I really appreciate your feedback. It’s true that I am the one who created this ambitious proposal (which looks pretty hard to be done), but this project isn’t mine. It’s COMMUNITY’s project! I am just a community member doing his part just like everyone else in here. We all are making history!

I was also thinking we should wait to see what the devs disclose on the medium article this week regarding the NFT standard. This will help guide the discussion IMO.

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I see there’s a Milky Way version 2 proposal being voted on. Is it posted here somewhere?

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with many others here in the sense I’ve seen you deliver to the community and think you can build something great, but would love to see more detail

also, would love to learn about dependencies – do you need the NFT standard to be released first? are smart contract capabilities on znn sophisticated enough? etc.

if needed, I’d support a small proposal that would fund a few days/week of research to learn about dependencies and that would lead to a more flushed out plan

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Just wanted to provide transparency to the community. I voted no for the following reasons:

  1. I think we need to get a better grasp of the to be announced NFT protocol this week
  2. I think a proejct like this needs a proposed team with known experience
  3. I personally think an NFT marketplace will cost the max funding (or more) to launch. I’m concerned the proposed funding is too little to deliver a viable product.

Hope that helps in considering options on how to proceed.

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Would love to support this proposal but I think it’s premature until we have the NFT standard plus smartcontracts. Would wait till then and then resubmit