Mercatox Listing

New: Mercatox Listing

Requesting funds to list again $wZNN on Mercatox CeX, gathering more accessibility.

Requested funds:

1000 ZNN, 100 QSR

Proposal URL

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  • No I do not support this proposal

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Let me get this right… We want to waste AZ funds on a dogshit tier exchange that …

… holds user’s wZNN hostage and now asks for money to even allow people to withdraw their wZNN (which would cost merca nothing).

… still honeypots people into depositing wznn while preventing them to withdraw lol

… has proven to be incapable or unwilling to run syrius but just settled for wznn

… creates literally 0 advantage over PCS (users would still trade wznn)

… will just result in the same shitshow 6 months from now when there’s a network upgrade and the same people who left their coins on exchanges for the second time will complain about merca being mean for disabling withdrawals.

…will pull another blackmail whenever they need money because they know we’ll just pay up

This will either become a recurring cost factor or it is an attempt by people that have not withdrawn their coins prior to the last swap to socialize their losses through AZ funds.

Tradeogre (no kyc, no withdrawal limits, top tech support) and Gate or even Kucoin are by magnitudes better than Mercatox AND listings are free.

Yet some here think it won’t backfire if more people get burned by Mercatox. Again.

Vote NO, don’t be desperate for shit-tier listings, and give us some time to list on a decent exchange FOR FREE. We got this.


Tradeogre and Gate io listings are free? Let’s put together a proposal On AZ to get ZNN listed! Is there a hurdle too high for this atm?

I was going to ask for the back story, but looks like you already posted that.

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It’s free, why would we need to create an AZ proposal? Unless we were to hire a MM which I think isnt worth the cost.

Besides the question if we should pay Merca or not.

Are we really going to trust that John-Z will do the right thing if he receives the 1000ZNN?
I don’t mean to suggest that he is not trustworthy but there is no track record here.

It seems very counter to our ethos to just give someone funds and hope they do the right thing with it.


I’m voting no. Seems like the community wants a CEX, but Mercatox has a terrible track record with the community.


I had made around 15/20 support tickets asking when they will do the swap (had bought around 50 ZNN, didn’t know it was old ZNN). They gave the same answer everytime so I just sold it to some unlucky guy.

Fuck mercatox.


I am voting no on this in 24 hours time unless someone changes my mind. I dont think we are in any urgent need to get listed on Mercatox and they are not in any urgent need to list us (we have no volume). In this environment I would just consider their offer a negotiation and if we can work out a better deal we should. ZNN + wZNN, smaller fee. Also no offense to John-Z but would rather do this through sigli or a “trusted” community member like Shai.


Who integrates the exchange into the blockchain architecture? Zenon isn’t an ERC20 coin. I dunno how this works on the tech side ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Do You just mail them and hope they do it?

They just run one or several Syrius wallets where they hold client funds for deposits and withdrawals. It’s not that difficult, it just requires occasional maintenance work for updates etc… should not be an issue for any professional exchange.