Mass extinction of L1s

I was just looking at another L1 popping up in the landscape that is promising high tps and operability for a social media platform.

So. Many. L1s.

Reminds me of the AI investment thesis stating that most all AI projects will die out because at the end of the day, there will be a handful of AI engines that have access to dominant IP and resources. These major platforms will simply absorb the features of the smaller projects and apply vastly superior infrastructure and AI models.

Thus, the thesis is to simply buy NVDA because that’s a major point of convergence for all AI.

This is off-axis thinking. Rather than trying to pick the best AI project in the field, the idea is to invest in that which all AI projects will depend upon.

What are the analogous strategies that we can apply to NoM in order to ensure we aren’t playing the odds as just another L1?

My strategy is to sell the bull if any and not getting married with anything but good old $

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