Marketing Category Perms

I can’t create a new topic in Marketing. Unsure if that is by design.

Iron Man

By design - we set up the groups for permissions testing but haven’t allocated rights yet. I’ll add you to the necessary group

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should be good to go now - we need to identify who the owner of the Dev category will be (preferably an active dev who can keep on eye on it)

No problemo zer. I’m just poking around and reporting my experience as a user so you all can know the results.

Thank you,

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The question is whether or not you want noobs to have access to the marketing forum, by default.


I think we said we want it to be visible but probably only the people added to the marketing group can post. Same for Dev forum. Open to suggestions though, do you think it would be better hidden?

Ok just reviewed, Dev forum is hidden to only Devs.

Marketing is viewable to all, anyone can reply to topics but only members of the Marketing group can create new topics, in an attempt to keep it clean.

Anyone can request to be added to the Dev or Marketing groups

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