Make An Official NoM Tweet


We have been complaining for months the official twitter sucks and the community should take it over. We complain about it on twitter, in telegram, on the forums. Well, finally the community has the ability to request a tweet yet no one is taking advantage of it.

Sign up for github, click this link

follow these instructions for “advanced” tweeting.

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Is this correct? Should I Fork this repository?

Check out this example:

The flow is:

  • fork the repo
  • add a new .tweet file
  • submit a Pull Request to the zenon-network/master branch

ty, sir.

Not all of us think Zenon Network’s Twitter as a communication channel sucked. It was only a few very vocal community members who voiced their opinion against it. Personally, I think the intern did a great job minus a few hiccups. Everyone had a couple of tweets they disliked/disagree with. Not too bad for 4 years of tweets, if you ask me.

Whether it was disagreement from content, cadence of tweets, or a more principled view of chipping away at the last few bastions of control held by founding devs, it’s true we’ve been asking for it and has now received our wish.

It’s our responsibility to organize and develop a content strategy, as well as a media creation strategy that improves upon what was given to us.

Let’s start with a few simple tweets/threads and iterate over time until we eclipse our previous content with higher cadence and quality. If we do our job correctly taking care of mundane network updates, whoever was in charge of Twitter will eventually join us as “one more contributor”, hopefully focusing his time on creating very meaningful posts and or badass images/videos.



Disagree. It was crappy, amateurish, and cringe with some unacceptable missleading tweets.

Maybe something that will keep readers thinking:

Bitcoin’s momentum,

turns Orange to Green.

Satoshi’s free Ethereum, 709632.

“Acta non verba”

our battle cry, for we

all yield to win

by common decree.

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The Green Moon

:100: well said