Major Forum Cleaning

Follow the progress below.

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Funding | Submissions topics get tagged as:

  • accepted
  • delivered
  • cancelled (if accepted, but no phase submitted and we’re aware it’s been cancelled/not responsive)
  • rejected

We can hire someone to write a plugin where it checks the on-chain submissions and their project URLs, and automatically updates the tags as they move from each stage to the next.

This funding category is strictly reserved for Particles which have been submitted on-chain for funding. If you want to discuss ideas, post a new Particle in the respective parent category.

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This is my honeypot of uncategorized topics. Some of those may be valid proposals which will go into respective funding categories. Stay tuned with updates.

Still working this new architecture. I’m dropping the Particle idea as I project that users will not use them for their intended purpose. I spent the day scouring through topics and understanding how users use the forum. They typically use it to post whatever is on their mind, and it’s quite difficult to categorize some topics without making too many categories, which’ll end up being empty/unused.

For this reason the main categories i.e. Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Support, Zenon will remain the same.

I simply now branched out topics into 2 new topics:

  • Funding | Staging = once we have a project that we’re certain we need to get completed for the network, we will post it there (limited to moderators / admins). This is is the same as the open projects listed on, however the forums are the discussion space to chat with others related to the topic. I will funnel applicants into these threads so they can discuss with everyone else.

  • Funding | Submissions = where someone submits their proposal which gets included in their on-chain submission.

I’m trying to avoid implementing methods which won’t get adopted. Best to keep a few important sub-categories open, and let the community use the forums as a giant honeypot of information share.