Macro Podcasts To Stay Up to Date with the Economy & Crypto

During this time of “building”, I’m spending more time watching pods to stay up to date with the economy and crypto. Here are some of the podcasts I like.

Only so much of this podcast.


Great list, I’ll check out the ones I didn’t know about.

Slightly more technical (although there are plenty of episodes non-technical) I highly recommend ‘The Blockchain Debate’. It’s has a amazing guestlist already and the format is quite appealing for me as the it always brings two guests with opposing views on a matter.

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This is a good podcast I recommend if you like macro.

if everyone is saying “FED Pivoty by end of Summer” does it mean it won’t happen

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ya. I think it’s BS unless the debt markets break. Here in the US we are starting to hear that construction lending for all but the best borrowers has stopped. I think inflation will persist, and the fed will crank it up.

Only way they reverse course is we have some melt down in the system. Supply chain is still messes up so inflation could stay high despite the tightening.

WTF knows what will happen. But I do think there is a lot more pain to come.