Looking for Moderators

We want to bring on a couple of moderators in preparation of a larger user base and as outlined in our Phase 0 plan. It would involve reviewing flagged users, spam and posts and general keeping of the peace. We would also like some content created by the mods to help things along and to fill gaps.

If anyone is interested please shoot me a message or reply here. We earmarked some funding to help with this - the specifics of which are being finalised - volunteers are also welcome.


Hoi! How can I help? What kinda attributes are you looking for in moderators? Are we also taking different timezones into account?


I am interested.


It would be a pleasure to help out with the moderation of the forum! :smiley:


Thank you, I will write up some points and DM each of you later on so we can chat about it

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I am a community moderator who enjoys engaging with people. I am active in answering member queries and I create interesting discussions that would ensure you have an active community where a larger percentage of the members would be enthusiastic about the project.