Liquidity Provisioning campaign

Gambling layers are a good idea.

I need to find the most liquid pool provisioned by community, and study.

Contacted their support to get wZNN-ETH listed on


It would be interesting to have a way to lock new rewards into the LPs pool with a single click. It’s a UX trick which would incentives more users to lock rewards in.

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I agree, but I just don’t see how this could be done in 1-click. Rewards are on NoM side, they would need to be bridged over twice and restaked.

This is where Zenon owning some liquidity (native LP-ETH on NoM) might prove beneficial, then you could build something like this. If person restakes it would just send rewards to AZ/bridge address and it would receive already locked-in LPs in NoM.

Sumamus input would help here :joy:

I’m not sure how this could be achieved. We’d need ETH to add ownerless liquidity.

How could we get that?

  • ETH donations from the community
  • selling ZNN/QSR from AZ for ETH
  • create a NFT project and sell it for ETH

Any other ideas?

A NFT project won’t sell unless it’s somewhat something unusual though.

Maybe more marketing around the liquidity campaign with Twitter spaces ?

is the only issue that AZ doesn’t own ETH? What about doing the 1-click UX experience described in the wQSR/wZNN pool instead ? Protocol owns 25% of the emissions of both of those.

1 click experience would then look something like:

Shiller: wQSR/wZNN 1 click LP is paying x%!!! Go fast! Use referral code ChadassIsFat for 1% extra!
New alien: Visits bridge page, connects metamask + syrius and 1 click swaps ETH for the corresponding wQSR/wZNN LP-ETH ZTS token on NoM already staked.


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The problem could be that the whole process is kinda complicated (for crypto newbies). I would also like to move my ZNNies into LP, but unfortunately I do not have the necessary knowledge/skills to do so. Video “What/how to do” would be welcomed by many people


I’ll make a video tonight.


@coinselor it’s a very interesting idea. I have to think about it’s technical feasibility, tho’.

I’ve been noticing the state of the PA and I can’t stop thinking about how the liquidity program might be the cause. Farming with the L1 token might be nefarious for the price action which lead to the worst effects we can imagine: PA down, APR down, making everything harder to market and unsustainable on the mid term. Nobody want to risk capital in a position - LPs or not - on a only down token. There’s no reason to long ZNN now considering how the farming is increasing the inflationary state of $ZNN.

I’d like to discuss possibles different approaches of the liquidity program which could improve our tokenomics and be more appealing for long term farmers.

Creating another token, let’s say $SUM for now, as a dummy name. In order to lock $ZNN LPs you’d need $ZNN and $ETH same as now. But here’s the flips; you don’t directly get $ZNN out of your position, you get $SUM. $SUM can be staked in order to get $sZNN which can be staked to increase the APR your existing positions in the NoM ecosystem : delegation, pillars, sentinels, staking. In order to be able to LPs X amount of $ZNN and $ETH you’d need the equivalent value $ of $SUM.

This is just the draft of an idea in order to start a discussion about mitigating the sell pressure while strengthening the governance power of $ZNN. In addition to this there would always be a demand for $SUM, which would need a market. The $SUM-ETH pair can be fueled with $QSR given the deflationary nature of it.

I don’t know if this is better but I feel like there’s a need for a discussion about either how to mitigate the sell pressure on $ZNN or generate a buy pressure. Since the betting game didn’t get traction I’m sharing my thoughts here.

We could also add a betting layer on the liquidity program: bet X ZNN, you have 60% of odds to lose it all, it go back to the A.Z funds, and 40% odds to increase your APR depending on the amount you bet.

I love the last :wink:

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I agree that we barely scratched the surface with properly promoting the Liquidity Program. Our RTs to the same people that have been following us for years and probably DGAF about Zenon at this point, isn’t necessarily considered strong promotion to attract new participants. I don’t think we’ve properly put efforts on targeting the right audiences to create that buy pressure to bring in new participation.

I’m working towards it with my variation of the simulator. The tool will be presented/distributed to the right audiences, hoping that it creates some interest.

Just wanted to add that note.