Liquidity Provisioning campaign

50 ETH steps are way too large given the current liquidity. We need hurdles that are achievable IMO. The first step would require almost a 100% increase.

We need attainable goals.


50 ETH is the lowest I’d go. It’s less than 2X from the current liquidity of 60 ETH, which means at 100 ETH it should be ~20% more rewarding for current LPers.

I believe this gives us just the perfect balance we’ve been searching for.

It’s important to remember that the multipliers increase in .1 steps, so even now at 60 ETH it would be 1.2X multiplier.

I’m being extra wary about this because funds for >1X are limited and we don’t have a way to replenish them.


Imo the APY should be advertised semehow on a simple page where you could stake. Right now people not already in the ZNN bubble would have hard time finding it. Is there a calculator somewhere? I know you can estimate your pillar rewards, would be good to have the same for LPs.

@vilkris has created an amazing calculator. Maybe he’d be willing to integrate Orbital LP Staking too.


At the moment do you have an idea about how much one would get with 1000 ZNN (+ the ETH) of LPs staked per day? Assuming it’s locked for the max time.

A rough estimate of the daily rewards for LPing 1k wZNN + ETH w/ 12X at the moment would be 6.3 ZNN + 15 QSR.

(6.3 ZNN + 15 QSR) * 360 days ~= 2268 ZNN + 5400 QSR

Not financial advice (obviously, none of my posts are nor have been financial advice).


I think it’s time that we vote for this and start the Liquidity Provisioning campaign (or Orbital Community Edition as called by Zenon DAO) next week.

Should I do the poll here, like before, or is there a better suited alternative?

Create new topic, in this way it’s the first post, much more visible, and the title should say “Voting poll”

Not all community members are on this forum.

What do you propose?

Multiple polls (forums, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc) and some weighting mechanism based on reputation.

A bit too complicated for this. Let’s keep it simple. 1 poll where we can see who and what voted. This way we have some protection against alts. And we should strive to drive awareness from the community towards that poll.

Does TG have polls where we can see the voters?

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Yes, I’ve seen public votes on telegram many times.

I agree keeping it simple is the way to go for now, though I appreciate @aliencoder’s suggestion for a longer term solution. I’d like to add: weight based on the reputation of users or platforms? :joy: or both.

You could use forum voting and admit only votes from users with a sufficient rep/activity history

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Lets fire it up.

Voting has started on the main TG channel. Check pinned message.

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I wonder what they did in their 50 day launch event to make this pool so deep.

Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 1.04.17 AM

I think there’s something to learn from the most liquid pools: Uniswap Info

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It’s all in their whitepaper: WISE Token Teal Paper

Seems like they just added a layer of gambling to a standard presale, go figure. You send tokens and you don’t know how much you get until the end of the day, for 50 days. Degens aka most of crypto love this stuff.


I’d argue most of this liquidity is anorganic but provisioned by a few paid MMs or insiders