Lightning delusion (Bitcoin)

I’ve said this story before but last year I joined a Twitter space where some bitcoin payroll company did its first payroll to some footballer using Lightning.

I asked the CEO if they provided watchtowers and he said he wasn’t sure what I was referring to and that he will talk with his Lightning provider about it.

The Lightning provider whose name was Voltage iirc jumped in and said they provide watchtowers to people if they want/ask for them. It came off to me as downplaying their importance.

My take away from that space was that many people “building” on Lightning have a very shallow understanding of how it actually works.

And that bitcoiners who do understand downplay the issues or only whisper it. Perhaps to not offend the maximalist orthodoxy.

Or they might say there are issues to work through.

But doing the analysis I have provided earlier about liquidity topology/directionality, the idea of Lightning as a general purpose and trustless scaling solution seems like group delusion to me.

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Some interesting reading, here:

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