Light mode (and topics with less than 15 characters)

I know I know…

But can we have a light mode anyway?

There should be a light mode already. Check Preferences > Interface and get your eyes burned lol

Hm, I don’t seem to have that interface category in preferences. Could that require a special account role to be available?

To clarify, I’m using the mobile app on iOS. Is behaving a bit weird in other aspects too. I’m not getting notifications though they are enabled both in the app and on the phone. I forbade access to my photo library through system settings, but was able to browse all images to set my profile pic

I changed the min post length to 8. I agree with this. 15 was painful.

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I will look into this later today

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Will need to look into this too. Are you not getting notifications in the phone? Are you getting email notifications?

You can’t see this option?

Strange. I don’t have this option: How to change default Discourse theme? - support - Discourse Meta

We’ll need to research this more.

Yes, emails work. I’m getting notifications in the app (I think only once when I open it), but not when it’s not on the foreground

Here’s how my preferences screen looks like.
This is after tapping on the Preferences at the top. When tapping on the Preferences item at the bottom of the list it just reopens that same screen

It’s just minor stuff, take your time. Overall it’s a great forum, thanks for that

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Figured it out. You can’t change the interface in mobile view. But if you switch to desktop view in the app, change the theme, save changes and switch back to mobile, it’s changed there too.


Good to know. Thx for digging in!