Leveraging Influencer Networks vs. Building Audiences from Scratch

Strategic Focus on Leveraging Influencer Networks for #HyperGrowth

I firmly believe that leveraging our community’s talents for scouting influencers with established audiences is the most effective strategy, especially considering our current technologies. Building audience brands from scratch is not only resource-intensive but also demands a level of expertise and time commitment that our community might not possess. Recognizing this reality, pivoting towards collaborating with influencers who already command significant attention is a practical and efficient approach.

This strategy of outsourcing visibility to influencers aligns well with the practices of successful marketing projects, which often harness the power of established influencers to quickly capture audience attention. Our position is further strengthened by our advanced technologies, enabling us to precisely measure campaign performance, and our attractive offers, such as the bridge bonus and Zenon yield products.

Additionally, we can consider offering vested Pillars to influencers of substantial weight, providing a compelling incentive that aligns with their contributions. This not only enhances the appeal of collaborations for influencers but also integrates them more deeply into our ecosystem cc @dat_she_pepe @ChadassCapital

The key advantages of this approach include:

  1. Immediate Audience Access: Tapping into influencers’ existing follower base provides instant reach, bypassing the lengthy process of building an audience from scratch.
  2. Trust and Credibility: Influencers have already established trust with their audience, a valuable asset that we can leverage for higher engagement and conversion rates.
  3. Efficiency in Cost and Time: Collaborating with influencers is typically more cost-effective and time-efficient compared to the slow, resource-heavy process of brand building.
  4. Focused Community Strengths: Our community’s deep knowledge of Zenon-related topics is best channeled into identifying and engaging the right influencer talent, rather than diluting our efforts across brand-building tasks.
  5. Data-Driven Marketing: Our technology allows for precise tracking and adaptation of marketing strategies, leading to more informed decisions and effective use of resources.

Furthermore, our community should understand that some of our performance tooling is nearing readiness for mainstream use. We should leverage all available tools, working collaboratively as a #HyperGrowth team. I will be proposing new roles tailored for AZ proposals, aimed at maximizing our current capabilities and technologies. These roles are essential in driving our #HyperGrowth initiative, and I welcome the community to join in this ambitious endeavor.

Here’s an example if we were to scout TikTok influencers:

Proposal for Influencers with Established Audiences

Title: Advanced TikTok Influencer Role: Elevate Your Audience in the Crypto Sphere

Introduction: Zenon.Org from the Zenon Network ecosystem, invites experienced TikTok influencers with a robust following to join our innovative marketing initiative. If you’re deeply embedded in cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, and direct response campaigns, your expertise is invaluable for driving advanced growth and robust engagement.

Your Role: This opportunity is designed for influencers who can harness their established audience and brand identity to strategically integrate our crypto marketing initiatives. Your mission involves using your influential voice to bring our cutting-edge affiliate offers to life, ensuring high conversion rates and impactful, engaging marketing strategies.

Detailed Expectations:

  1. Proven Conversion Skills: Showcase your success stories where you have effectively converted audience engagement into tangible actions, especially in direct response and affiliate campaigns within the crypto arena.
  2. Tailored Engagement Strategies: Develop unique, creative campaigns that resonate with your audience. Ideas such as interactive series, in-depth reviews, or behind-the-scenes content showcasing our offers can be compelling.
  3. Strategic Budget and Time Management: Provide a detailed plan on how you would allocate budget across various campaigns and outline a timeline that demonstrates both immediate impact and long-term audience engagement.

We Will Evaluate Your Proposal On:

  • Goal Definition: What specific conversions are you targeting with your campaign?
  • Strategic Narrative: What story will your content tell? Outline the volume and variety of content you plan to produce.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Describe how you will use our technology to measure and iterate your campaign’s success.
  • Campaign Duration: Indicate the expected length of your campaign.
  • Success Reporting: Explain your approach to reporting success, utilizing our conversion dashboard for performance tracking.
  • Budget Flexibility: Are you willing to work with adaptable budgets, starting small to test concepts and scaling up following proven success?
  • Proven Success Evidence: Provide metrics and examples from past campaigns that reflect your success in similar initiatives.
  • Value Summary: Summarize the overall value and impact you anticipate bringing to the Zenon Network.

Affiliate Offers and Advanced Technology:

  • Exclusive Affiliate Offers: Deep-dive into our current offers, like the incentivizing 1% bonus for wZNN>ZNN swaps, and get a sneak peek at our upcoming opportunities such as delegation and staking funnels. Visit [Link to Offers Showcase] to explore these in depth.
  • Customizable Visual Framework: Our adaptable landing page technology is designed to enhance your campaigns. It offers white-label solutions to align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging. Visit [Link to Framework Examples] to understand how it integrates with various marketing strategies.

Application Process: To apply, please send a detailed proposal that includes case studies of past campaigns, your strategic approach for our offers, and how you plan to integrate them into your content. Email your application to [email address]. We are excited about the possibility of amplifying your established brand with our state-of-the-art marketing technology.

Here’s an example if we were to scout TikTok brand builders:

Proposal for Brand Builders

Title: TikTok Marketing Innovator Role: Craft and Cultivate a Groundbreaking Crypto Brand

Introduction: Zenon.Org from the Zenon Network ecosystem, is searching for visionary TikTok marketers capable of constructing and nurturing a groundbreaking brand from inception. This role is ideal for those with a flair for creative brand development within the dynamic world of cryptocurrency marketing.

Your Mission: Your primary goal is to build a brand that not only aligns with Zenon.Org’s innovative marketing objectives but also sets new benchmarks in audience engagement and conversion in the cryptocurrency domain. This involves formulating a comprehensive brand identity, content strategy, and engagement model that propels growth and conversions.

Detailed Role Responsibilities:

  1. Blueprint for MVP Iterative Campaign Strategy: Present an in-depth proposal outlining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) iterative campaign, focusing on establishing rapid proof of conversion and setting the foundation for scalability and repeated success.
  2. Comprehensive Traffic and Attention Strategy: Elaborate on your tactics for building brand awareness, attracting significant traffic, and maintaining a dedicated audience. This should include plans for content creation, platform utilization, and audience engagement techniques.
  3. Engagement and Conversion Innovation: Suggest inventive campaign ideas and engagement tactics, tailored to the crypto audience, that you believe will effectively drive conversions.
  4. Detailed Budgeting and Timeline Projection: Provide a clear and detailed budget allocation plan along with a projected timeline, highlighting both initial market entry strategies and long-term brand development plans.

We Will Evaluate Your Proposal On:

  • Conversion Goals: Clarify the primary conversions you aim to achieve with your brand-building campaign.
  • Strategic Content Plan: What is the narrative arc of your brand story? Detail the scope and type of content you intend to create.
  • KPI Measurement: Explain how you will leverage our technology to track and iterate upon the success of your campaign.
  • Campaign Lifespan: Specify the planned duration of your brand-building initiative.
  • Reporting Mechanism: How will you utilize our conversion dashboard to report and analyze your campaign’s success?
  • Budget Approach: Discuss your readiness to engage with variable budgets, starting with small-scale tests and expanding upon verified success.
  • Documented Success: Present evidence and metrics from previous campaigns that showcase your effectiveness in similar endeavors.
  • Value Proposition: Provide a summary of the unique value you plan to deliver through your brand-building efforts in the Zenon Network.

Affiliate Offers and Cutting-Edge Technology:

  • Diverse Affiliate Offers: Dive into our range of affiliate offers, including current incentives and a preview of future expansions like delegation and staking funnels. Access detailed information at [Link to Offers Showcase].
  • Adaptive Visual Framework: Explore our versatile landing page technology, designed to showcase the effectiveness of varied marketing strategies. Our framework offers customization to fit your brand vision and campaign needs. Visit [Link to Framework Examples] for insights into its capabilities.

Application Process: If you’re prepared to define a new era in crypto brand marketing, we welcome your detailed proposal. Please include your strategy for brand development, anticipated challenges, and solutions. Email your application to [email address]. We’re enthusiastic about supporting your journey in crafting a brand that will resonate powerfully within the Zenon Network.


To add, new brands can target to new audiences (paid content promotions), but what makes this difficult for our current community: direct response marketing. Not a single proposal has been able to show metrics of conversions, and hence there is no evidence that they have the capability or knowledge to lead traffic down a path of participation, either immediately after content consumption, or some days later. Attribute data shows that often traffic takes a few days in between first touchpoints to convert wZNN > ZNN swaps.

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I support this. Targeting KOLs is way smarter than marketing non sense to retails.

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Agreed. I can easily help compile KOL lists if we have a systematic way to target them

The systematic way to contact them is called a Telegram dm

Great post! great outline! I agree vested pillars will work if done properly with the right influencers. I understand you are only using Tiktok as an example here. But you mention in this proposal that the only way you suggest to get marketing done and approved is using zenonorg. I think zenonorg is great and doing very well with its website/devs and other things! But aren’t their other ways for independent marketers to have their proposals approved without solely relying on zenonorg?

Yes you have built great tools that will benefit Zenon greatly in the long run! But since this is a completely decentralized project, community members should have the option to make their own independent marketing proposals as well. Whatever they may be even if the metrics are calculated using certain techniques and not others! At this point I think getting the word out is more important than tracking wznn-znn swaps. Im sure some will disagree but I think increasing TG members, discord members, ZenonNetwork twitter followers, website visitors is just as important of a metric at this stage of development.

Just like you, I want to know what feedback the community has on this!

If the community agrees zenonorg is the best and only way to do marketing for the Zenon Network, fine and end of discussion!

How else do you measure most effectively if you’re being heard and your words have an effect or if you’re just shouting into a void?

You can track these easily and with modern tech be able to tell real users and bots apart.

Thats branding (if you’re able to filter bots). What really counts is conversions. You can have a 10k member tg group, what use it is if not a single one buys?

See the difference?

I see what you’re saying. Zenon Network has a brand image of being a completely decentralized, open source, cryptocurrency project. You are relying on people to use your independently owned brand (zenonorg) to track conversions of a decentralized project (zenonnetwork).

I think having a big enough community to actually see if affiliate marketing works is more important. If you get 10k community members you’ll have a much better understanding of conversion metrics. The community has 55 active members currently!

If I add 100 new members to the community and they all buy OTC like most people are. Then the tracking is irrelevant.

I don’t understand why wznn->znn swaps is the only way to track overall growth in of the community.

But having 10k people is very valuable and can target them once their are in the community, and track them if you want too. If you get 10k members in the community and not single new wallet or node is added to the network them there is a much bigger problem.

I run affiliate marketing campaigns for a major CEX on a weekly basis and I can assure you the only way to measure if they work is through ref links that register new signups and buys.

Same principle as with attribute for wznn>znn conversion.

Your assumption that most znn buys happen otc is incorrect. Wznn is the main on/offramp

New static funnels will allow marketers to request a white labelled version, meaning they could have one with their brand, their domain, their theme. Removing Zenon.Org out of the equation for core funnels.

But this brings an interesting comparison, what’s the issue with having 1 great resource which excels at performance marketing? I mean, ZenonHub is really the better explorer we have compared to what was originally published by anon founders (explorer.zenon.network). I don’t see anyone writing wiki’s comparing the ZenonHub vs. ZenonNetwork brand like some witch-hunt? The community has made it too big of a problem for too long and let’s face it: Zenon.Org’s tooling/frameworks educates, tracks and will funnel better than any other site in the network. Everyone has to get over it. And if we lead with “solely relying on zenonorg” for educational/marketing purposes, we should mention the same for the NoM Bridge re: bridging, ZenonHub for the explorer, and a variety of the wallets for those needs. it’s not a fair statement, because others aren’t being hunted for it like Org is. When’s the last time anyone complained about the other “only” tools built? Never. This is a fight by a few, to devalue the work Org has invested into the network, without charging a single penny, while leading an excellent example for the network.

You are 100% correct about that. I have never told anyone to not submit an AZ. Those in the community which have collaborated with me, know that I always answer their marketing questions and try to steer them in the right direction. But we’re in an age where performance tracking is very possible, and should be at the core of every marketing initiative. If you don’t know how to build such tech for your marketing campaign, then use ZenonOrg Attribute links, or upcoming static funnels (even white labelled). If you know how to add GTM events into your code, you can request getting your brand added into Attribute so that you can publicly prove that your tools and marketing, also drives conversions (wZNN > ZNN swaps) via the bridge. Those proposals are very welcomed.

Think about it: you added some members to a TG group, what next? Why should the network pay you? What do those members mean? If you can’t prove that they then purchased wZNN or joined as a participant, then what’s the point? I don’t think you understand how quickly AZ can get drained with make-belief metrics of such kind.

What does it change if it’s closed source or open source? If it proves value for the network, it proves value. Remember that marketing is just an in-between state before a user becomes/doesn’t become a participant in the network. Just like we rely on plenty of centralized services to power the network, we can and should rely on quality services to prove marketing value for the network.

I’ll repeat it again: marketing is an in-between state before a user becomes/doesn’t become a network participant. It is not the network itself. It does not need to be open sourced.

Imagine that’s the type of BS AZ proposal the network gets. What does it do? Does it start to rely on the proposal’s make-belief metrics/correlations that it added value to the network? How will it prove that it got more participants, more delegators, stakers, buyers? How? Quite an easy hack to drain AZ if such precedent is set. We cannot fall for the trap.

We have no choice but to be extremely difficult on marketing AZ’s with extremely high standards from a proofs point of view. And that high standard atm is wZNN > ZNN swaps. The next higher standard after that will be proof that you got someone to download, install syrius, and then trigger a delegation/staking event within the funnel. Then we have even more proof that the marketer lead to actual network participation.

The problem here is that the majority of people haven’t yet told themselves “hey I want to prove value for the network marketing-wise, I don’t have the budget to build tracking tech, websites, funnels etc – the only thing I can do is drive traffic which may convert. Let me look at the current library of Attribute links available and design an outbound marketing campaign which proves that my traffic strategy converts real value to the network. I’ve got a lot to figure out here, I need to get someone onboarded into the network.” – It’s a challenge, but doable. ZenonOrg seems to be earning quite a bit of affiliate rewards, which proves that the methods work. Why can’t it work for someone else which uses an Attribute link, and earns the entire commission for himself if used? (Org passes the entire commission to the marketer).

I appreciate the exchange here @theprofessor. I hope you understand that it’s not an issue because of the tech, it’s an issue because we have unexperienced talent writing marketing proposals. I will show this tech to real marketers when I begin to scale, and the quality of AZ’s should change quite significantly.


An interesting proof: Looking at Attribute data, that traffic is often referred from Zenon.Network, and that traffic consumes quite a bit of content (triggers a bunch of conversions). See the referring source tab.

I don’t think the network would want to set the wrong precedents by paying for shitty AZ make-belief metrics, when Attribute already proves value driven (not only wZNN>ZNN swaps), but also wallet downloads, content consumption, community channel joins. At least we know its conversions are real. And for now Org doesn’t even intend to charge for those. It prefers to earn affiliate rewards from its proven value: wZNN > ZNN swaps, and not place reliance on the already-thin AZ fund which should be protected at all costs.

This is the real issue.



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I’m totally agree with @mehowbrainz here, I’ve been in touch with several crypto influencers and the first thing they all have asked is ‘How much you gonna pay?’. Influencers want money, we want attention. They know how much they’ll earn but we don’t know, so the AttributeLink platform is really great tool to use in marketing. It would be better if we have this tool directly in zenon.network domain but doesn’t matter.

We can offer influencers to create their own attribute links and earn money for the people they bring into the network, but they’ll definitely not want to tweet before money.

I think we need this marketing strategy asap. So the answer of this title Leveraging Influencer Networks vs. Building Audiences from Scratch is obviously Leveraging Influencer Networks, we are not a new project. There are a lot of people who heard us once at least, just we need to show the soul that we have, we are here to build feeless, decentralized, independant and open-source product. We have something that all other projects doesn’t have, we do not have an owner and we’re still here to build. I think when we show this to the people, the attention on the project will increase, and increase, and increase…

My plan is, we can talk to 14 different Crypto Influencers on Twitter and we can ask them to tweet once in a two week. Since we’ll have 14 different people it’ll take two weeks to complete the cycle. We can try this at least for 2 months, and see the outcome of this.
Each of influencers I talk asks for payment in the beginning. We can offer them 2 ZNN + $2 for each thousand followers, eg: 50 ZNNs + $100 for 25K followers, per tweet. Dollars will be paid after the campaign and ZNNs will be paid with the tweet.

Ultimately we’ll have 14 persons, 4 tweets per person, each person will have between 20-40k followers, total cost:
For an influencer with 20K followers:

  • 4 x (20 x (2 ZNN + $2)) = 4 x (40 ZNN + 40$) = 160 ZNN + $160

For an influencer with equals or more than 40K followers:

  • 4 x (40 x (2 ZNN + $2)) = 4 x (80 ZNN + 80$) = 320 ZNN + $320

I’ll take median for approximate budget for 14 persons:

  • 14 x (4 x (30 x (2 ZNN + $2))) = 3360 ZNN + $3360 (3360 ZNNs with the tweet and 3360 dollars at the end of the campaign)

The market we can reach with this campaign is around 420K people (30K * 14).

I think it’s worth to try. What do you say? Are marketing companies cheaper than this?

  1. Who are the audiences of these influencers? Each audience has to be profiled. Every influencer should be able to tell you how he built his audience, what they engage-with, and other demo/psychographics.
  2. Have you checked if their audiences are real, or bought/fake?
  3. If they all want to get paid first, why not give them an attribute link for a funnel designed for that influencer’s audience, make them tweet and see how it performs? If it proves to drive new participation, then scale via that influencer. Step by step, each audience is valuable but you can’t assume that they’re all equal. They all may need adjustments in messaging. Campaigning is as much a science as it is an art.
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