Let's add liquidity to Pancakeswap

The other day @mehowbrainz mentioned we should work to add liquidity on Pancakeswap. I got around to doing it today. The liquidity is WAY too low. I just added 2750 wZNN which represents about 5% of the pool depth. I hope this encourages others to join me.

I’m going to make a video on how to do this. It’s a little tricky and the UI needs some improvements.

Not to mention IL is LOW and returns are high.

Why is QSR more valuable than you think? When the bull market returns, whales who want to setup Pillars need QSR. When transactions pick up users will need QSR. When games run on Zenon Network to mint NFTs, they will need QSR. Look at theta fuel as an example of fuel prices on other useful networks.

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QSR is a scarce resource not because of a lack of a market to purchase them but because-as george rightly put- it requires prospective seekers to take a risk by providing collateral either in the form of staking to secure the network, investing into the zenon economy through purchasing a (and eventually running POW) sentinel, or through running the risk of impermanent loss while providing liquidity.

I’m too poor rn to get a sentinel tho I’m gunning to eventually build one, staking doesn’t provide decent enough returns, ergo I have been providing liquidity for the past couple months- tho it actually benefits me if y’all whales don’t add more so my share of the pool is larger xD.

I’m a QSR-maxi and believe that QSR will be the more sought out and valuable resource as our ecosystem continues to evolve. This is the time to maximize my gains bcs I am 1000% sure that QSR will become a scarcer resource as more pillars are deployed with their increased burning QSR requirements.