Less Token Narrative

This is from Circle Perimeter:

List other projects with serious clout, that tout being tokenless.

We should get a step ahead of the broader field and develop a narrative that minimizes ZNN/QSR tokens, maximizes utility of NoM, and how NoM compliments existing products, and enables the base layer for developers. I think we need to craft some words to avoid saying “build your own Layer 2”. Nobody wants to be #2.


The Network of Momentum (NoM) is operated by a decentralized federation of nodes. The NoM architecture (satellite stock video) enables web5 internet service providers to direct connect anyone in the world (third world to first world video chat) at the speed of now, without the need for tokens, conventional ISPs, nor land based infrastructure. The future is being written in the stars.

Network of Momentum users benefit from its feeless gasless protocol which enables equality of access to digital services where it is needed most through a dual consensus PoW / PoS protocol.

With minimal resources, users can provide PoW to the network (stock video of an ox powered flour mill connected to a generator) in exchange for on-chain services.

A novel proof of stake (PoS) mechanism called plasma compliments PoW based network utilization by enabling users to provide gasless PoS.

With PoW, PoS, or a combination thereof, individual internet access and decentralized ISPs can be launched anywhere in the world with as little as a source of electricity, a satellite dish, a pc running Syrius, and a web5 browser. (No ISP subscription, censorship, etc)


The more we focus on egalitarian ethos, enabling people, and providing value, the more human and capital resources will flow into the project.

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This is a strong narrative. Depending on the audience, we could remove the mention of PoS completely and describe a scenario for users relying just on PoW to interact with the network.

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