Last Decision on CEXs

It’s been a long way and we talked with a couple of CEXs. Now we have to decide which one we’ll push.

I’m directly pasting from Telegram group:

$150k usdt listing fees
$300k usdt exchange deposit
$100k znn listing campaign for user distribution

$30k listing fee
$15k usdt + $15k znn liquidity

$200k usdt listing fee
$100k znn marketing liquidity

$60k usdt listing fee

CoinTR Pro:
$30k usdt listing fee
$5-10k usdt marketing liquidity

$2.5k usdt listing fee

$40k usdt listing fee

@0x3639 applied to Xeggex and paid everything on his own. He is the real OG, appreciated bro :v:
Except Xeggex only Latoken offers 13 months of free market making. I think it’s a huge deal.

I’m adding some analytic reports I got from and, please have a look and vote below:

I forgot to mention only Latoken provides free MM for 13 months, both for ZNN and QSR.

Which CEX should we decide?

  • $30K for Listing + 5K ZNN for campaigns + MarketMaker
  • MEXC: $60K for Listing + MarketMaker
  • Latoken: $40K for Listing
  • Bitmart: $30K for Listing + $15K USDT + $15K ZNN
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i heard about an upcoming exchange called cube. i want to suggest to apply there, because its a new exchange that possibly doesnt have heavy fees (yet) but could draw a lot of attention from which zenon could possibly profit


Guys, has shown the most interest in integrating NoM. They are asking good technical questions and seem to be running a node or are setting one up.


It would be awesome if we can get MEXC for half the price. Also CoinTR looks promising. Starting with Xeggex will get us much needed momentum.


Going with latoken because listing fee is low and mm free for 1 year 1 month. So, it’s a good deal

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We need at least one cex. So, anything would be great but efficient with price would be latoken.

I forgot to mention Latoken will list ZNN and QSR. I’m updating the poll, please check your votes again.

edit: I’m not able to update the poll but you can revote again

Guys, I do think we won’t have any other “great” opportunity to list both ZNN and QSR on a decent exchange for 40k and get free MM for a whole year.
This feels literally like a NO BRAINER

Guys mexc is really no. Just for one token listing you gonna pay 80k$ . Really?

Bitmart, latoken, cointr has much better offer

Latoken alts invasion.


The poll is closed.
People are creating new accounts to push for a Latoken listing.

Latoken should be disqualified for sybilling the poll. No exchange worth its money would need such desperate practices


True, dafaq is going on with Latoken? It was really not necessary to do this kind of shady act…

Poll closed - my vote would have been MEXC.

Here since before legacy swap.


pls sers my village is counting on me, please vote latoken

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