Keygen failed, possible reasons why

I will try to elaborate about the reasons why I think the keygen didn’t work for orchestrators.


  • Technical limitations of the operators: Maybe the operators don’t have the knowledge to run the Orchestrator properly? Sumamu did a wonderful job in creating the bridge - with his team - but most of the support has been done by deezenuts. The orchestrator Github as for today doesn’t provide the necessary information you’d need to face most of the technical issues that could arise. It’s the same for every single update: deeznuts provided most of the comprehensive tutorials. Crawling the chats in order to find the necessary information can be a turn off to some.
  • Lack of clear incentives: Running an additional node you need to keep up to date equal time. One could say it’s beneficial for the Pillars to help the network and make sure the bridge is up and running but this is a non direct inventive and it has been proven numerous time that people are way less motivated by non direct incentives.

Are there any solutions?


  • Update the Orchestrator Github to include everything deeznuts has been providing could be a start to smoother the technical issues.
  • Provide a clear and immediate financial incentive to the Orchestrators.

Personal takes

  • Maybe it’s an odd bug in the Orchestrators code?
  • If not then the problem is human. I’ve been in crypto for a very long time and while I hate it, I know money can move mountains. I’ve seen absolute retarded people running unstable nodes with incredibly complex setups as long as the promise of money was here. Unfortunately for us, Zenon doesn’t have any volume so the fee are miserable. And the PA is bad. Going from there, the bridge tokenomics could benefit some review in order to 1) strenghten the ZNN tokenomic and 2) incentives the operators. Give them a share of the fee? Give them a new token? Add a leveraged liquidity gamified plan for LPs and if / when they get liquidated the sum goes to Operators? There are ideas to discuss but I think the bridge is key to Zenon short and mid term success and clearly, something isn’t working right now.


The keygen failed b/ the min threshold was set at 21 and we currently have 19 participating.

we need to encourage more to join. I just made that very easy.


In addition, there are some “strange” results in the logs with this message:

len(node.participatingPubKeys) after removing blamed nodes: 1

Results are mostly 1, but vary from 1 to 19. Sumamu is looking into this. This message says only 1 PubKeys was available for KeyGen after removing nodes that are not suitable.

Yes, that’s what I assumed and I explored some possible reasons why.

5 of those would be ZenonORG + HyperGrowth Pillars, food for thought for other Pillars. The orchestrator is easy to install, doesn’t use much resources.


Another learning: once its up and running it should remain so for as long as possible

Give me fee ffs

I think one thing that would really help is something like the pillar TG channel. Right now most operators don’t even know if/when their orchestrator is down. The orchestrator channel is meaningless cause it doesn’t show the names plus it has no tolerance in case of intermittent disconnections which seem to happen all the time

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I can help with this. I’ll get this on my TODO.

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