Ideas for games running on / leveraging the NoM

I’ve discussed with @zyler9985 and we need someone to start reskinning popular & open source HTML5 games:

I have a friends who’s a video game engineer and he is currently building and developing a game. I think it could fit with what’s been shared here. I’m going to suggest the idea to him and I’ll let you know what he thinks soon.


Any game at this stage needs to bring in new users, no point just being a proof of concept or Chess clone etc

Things that will bring in new people:

  • addictive gameplay
  • gambling aspects (loot boxes, NFTs, RND rolls/drops, unique items)
  • competitiveness/leaderboards/progression
  • rewards (monetary or otherwise)

Doesn’t have to be graphically impressive, just needs to hit a couple of these aspects well

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Also wondering if these types of NoM equivalent tools could be built to send ZNN/QSR/ZTS to everyday handles like e-mail, telephone number, etc.

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Make it money + pvp and you’ll hit the jackpot imo. People love gambling and a lot of crypto people love games

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My vote is for a racing game. People would love to race their friends. Like a mario cart clone. I personally don’t mind shitty graphics, as long as its fun to play and simple. Can do free races or can spice it up by waging ZTS tokens on it (znn/qsr or inches or another one … )


I am fully aware that this is a killer use case.
My issue is: will anyone use my game/platform if they need to trust me with their funds?

I guess the only way to know is to build it and see.
I don’t have a ton of spare time, though.

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With sidechain we can distribute the trust no ? So it can start a bit centralized during a testing stage and move forward to a better product. The recent Ordinal run is an interesting case study : centralized sometimes closed sources online wallets won by far by being simple and easy to use, with good UI and good UX over fully decentralized self custodian ones.