Idea: Signed Pillar Message Telegram Bot


@ Anyone, feel free to use this idea + develop an AZ proposal:

Build a Telegram bot, resembling the Telegram: Contact @acceleratorz_updates channel, which would listen for pillar-signed messages and post them into the Telegram channel. It would act as a communication vehicle between pillars, and would be open for anyone to follow/read. No public comments allowed to keep it clean and easy to follow.

In order to avoid posting all messages, perhaps it could filter messages starting with some prefix i.e. tg-message

This could be used as a way for pillars to alert one another to vote on submissions / phases i.e. “yo 2 more votes needed for X phase, let’s go!” – or used altogether for other types of communication. Invites mobile notifications via the TG apps.

Many projects were a few votes short from getting their phase funded. This could be an easy way to remind pillar operators as a group?

Perhaps this is something you @0x3639 @romeo would be interested-in, given you’ve implemented some related mechanisms to verify via the forums? :slight_smile:


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Building on top of that, there is this project done by @sol_sanctum, zenon-wall
Where you send transactions to an address and they get displayed as text in the webpage

Ideally, we would have the pillars send such a transaction from their address so they don’t need any off-chain presence.

The main blocker for this is a way for users to provide the data field in a user friendly way. At the moment we can do this from CLI, I think, but not from SYRIUS

Regarding the notification part, I’ve been thinking of a system similar w/ this, where pillars would set up their own bot so they receive custom action-required messages. There is no blocker for this really, but would be great to have it after the Plasma Bot


I’m interested in this project for sure. Initially I was thinking this could be part of the forum, but maybe it make sense to have it work with both the forum and telegram. THORChain uses this in Discord and it works great! I’ll spend some time revisiting my original post on this and report back.

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I’ve been afk this week and probably won’t be available for parts of next week, but I’ve been meaning to compile Syrius and integrate an optional message field in the transfer widget. I’ve encountered a problem with my dev environment so I haven’t been able to produce a poc for the community.

As for the Zenon Wall, I’m in the process of moving that code to a vps so it should be fully operational by next week, along with my public node. We could reuse that code to pipe specific messages to an API that publishes to a telegram channel.
Feel free to rip my github repo and build it if you want it done sooner.

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