Idea generation for CryptoSat <> Zenon Collab

Have been in active discussions with the team at CryptoSat who are building tamper proof cubesats for blockchain infra in space.

With the obvious meme-alignment aside, they’ve expressed interest in deploying L1 or L2 infra in space so I naturally mentioned Zenon.

Would like to generate some more ideas to present to them about ways they could integrate with Zenon as they also search for tighter PMF with their own offerings.

The most compelling I think would be running a Pillar in space but there may be other lower lift collabs with their suite of products from their API docs

A collaboration like this at minimum could be a fun PR move and at maximum could give some serious weight to all the space references this network has anyways (IIRC there were several allusions to running infra on satellites in some of the earlier materials).

What are some possibilities?


“NFT unikernels in space”

Not sure what it means but those are the words god whispered to me.

The tooth fairy left this under my pillow: “Decentralized compute and storage, in space.”

Below is a Screenshot of something from @Reeeee on another topic thread. I felt the words could be helpful here.

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Hmmm, what’s the ETA on unikernel implementations?

Also thanks to @SugoiBTC for digging up this old reference from Zenon materials:

I’m just gonna say it: is it me or Zenon.Network’s old website looks awfully familiar in colours to CryptoSat?

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If it does, I don’t see any possible advantage to pointing it out.

I can however, imagine disadvantages.