HZNN Club development

I have initiated this topic to gather feedback from all members of the community, with a special emphasis on the input of the pillar owners.

As outlined in the title, my goal is to develop the HZNN Club by implementing a range of strategies including the creation of a DAO, the addition of weight to the NFT’s, the introduction of a HZNN/ZNN pair, and the offering of larger rewards by building 3 sentinels or 1 pillar while redirecting the rewards to the community games. Additionally, I plan to create a more diverse range of games beyond poker.

While I acknowledge that certain tools such as SC are currently lacking within our community, I am willing to devote significant time to ensure the successful implementation of these strategies.

It is important to consider the benefits that HZNN could bring to the table. These include increased community engagement, attracting new participants to the Zenon ecosystem, and indirect marketing for Zenon.

Initially, I had considered applying for AZ funding. However, I am considering the possibility of offering a percentage of HZNN supply for ZNN and creating a liquidity pool. However, I have found that there are limited investors interested in this type of venture, so I am reconsidering AZ funds.

I would appreciate your personal opinions regarding this proposal. Should I create a more detailed plan and apply for AZ funds, or is there an alternative approach that would be more effective? Would the pillar owners be likely to vote in favor of this proposal, and if not, what changes could be made to improve it?

Thank you all in advance!

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It would be helpful for me to see a more detailed plan.


Deliver first, ask for payment later. So far, most/all of your initiatives were for profit and intended to make you more znn. If you want to use AZ funds to earn more znn & qsr for yourself you should give the community a very, very good reason why they should entertain this. Can you show how many new members your previous events (e.g. poker, “NFTs”, etc brought to this community?

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