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As posted in my marketing vision topic, I’m working on extending my landing page architecture’s elements/component/styles. While you’re listing out such design requirements, you drift towards architecting the requirements of an engaging/converting funnel.

So I took the network’s top priority: attracting developer talent, and began to brainstorm a funnel flow. And here’s the thing: I can sell any dream / vision / idea. But at some point the new developer will need to actually dive into the code, the community, the environments and decide whether it’s a place he wishes to contribute-to. It’s our job to prove that our decentralized organization will allow the developer to grow a career.

Here’s what I believe matters to developers. Please propose if you have ideas.

  • Be educated on the Zenon mission and its USPs.
  • Be educated on the Accelerator-Z project in question.
  • Be educated on the other projects required to achieve the mission.
  • Be educated on the opportunity for the developer.
  • Be educated on the benefits of their contributions to Zenon.
  • Be educated on how their contributions will be recognized, aside from payment.
  • Be educated on the Pillar-led DAO.
  • Be educated on the Accelerator-Z submission process (new one coming with a Zenon.Org dApp).
  • Be educated about the APR’s for delegating/staking/pillar/sentinels.
  • Be given Zenon swag if an Accelerator-Z proposal is paid.
  • Be educated about the open and active spaces for developers (Discord, Forum).
    – Actually get a reply from other developers / technical community in a timely fashion.
  • Be educated about the community-led developer online meetups.
  • Be educated on the proposed Governance System (and the fact that it’s missing).
  • Be educated on regularly updated technical documentation of the code.
  • Be educated on regularly updated list of contributing developers and other project teams.
  • Have access to a testnet.

Things we can work on:

  1. Develop a method to recognize developers/teams for their contributions. This could include promotions in a variety of marketing channels, and should be included in the content calendar mix for Zenon.Org channels.

  2. Improve the vote casting reaction time for Pillars. We can run a test AZ submission, and measure how long it took for Pillars to vote before the test passed. Then attempt to contact the Pillars who were slow, and push them into a method for better awareness (the bot / channel). The faster the reactions, the more I’d be willing to put dynamic stats on landing pages i.e. “The last 7 proposals were approved within 8 hours”.

  3. Campaign to bring the rest of the develop community to Discord. You can use this post to promote the benefit for the transition.

  4. A method to identify/tag brand new Discord and Forum members. If these people post in the relevant developer channels, the community would better-identify them.

  5. I recall @georgezgeorgez would host dev meetups online. Would be awesome to continue such initiatives, and collaborate-with / tag #hypergrowth teams to include in their content calendar mix.

  6. Campaign to find some technical community members willing to write technical documentation about the code in docs.zenon.org – we need to share current knowledge.

  7. Maintain a list of contributing developers in docs.zenon.org.

  8. Develop a privacy preserving method to ship physical items to developers (swag).

  9. What’s going on with the Governance System implementation?

  10. How do we get a testnet?

  11. Can we get zenon-network Github to open some features of their account/organization to the community? Like the Github projects feature, or other stuff where the community can better self-organize in an official-looking space? Right now if I look at the GitHub account for zenon-network, my first gut feeling is: this project is dead. No community, no activity. That doesn’t look attractive to a new dev. So what do I do from a marketing perspective, hide the repo from him? We can do better.

With the above improvements, I can create a method which highlights to the developer all the strengths, and defines a clear path for learning and including himself (while of course pushing him down a path of web-based submission via a new dApp, tracked for conversion and all).

In my next phase I will showcase some funnel options, drawn as a flow chart with all scenarios laid out i.e. what if he doesn’t opt-in to the form and leaves? (we retarget him)… what happens after he opts-in with his email/discord/telegram/twitter handle? etc. Funnels will be tuned for each channel i.e. is the traffic aware and exposed to crypto? (depends where the traffic is coming from… like a crypto job board vs. a Go lang job board). You may not need to explain the same things to an experienced blockchain dev… get where I’m going?

Summary: It’s up to us the community to engage with all current participants, and make them understand the benefits of improving the architecture of the community. The more we streamline, the easier it’ll be to onboard new participants. Looking forward to the open discussion. I’m not asking for any specific feedback, these are just thoughts I figured I’d share as I progress.

Between the lines I’m basically saying “how can we be attractive to new talent, if we don’t have many basics organized?” (mainly on the technical side). I can use all the skills and tools available to market, find, build lists, retargeting audiences – if the environment doesn’t feel right to developers, they won’t dive in. Not everything is solved by marketing/sales. We need a good product in the first place, and the product isn’t only the code, it’s the decentralized organization that comes-with.



Added this to my original post.

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As you mentioned in the post. I think the single most compelling feature on Zenon for devs potentially is the completely decentralized AZ grant process. It’s the most dev-friendly grant process out there.


It is, though I think it takes a lot more to attract talent :slight_smile: … The first impression when I get to the Github /go-zenon repo is: this project is dead. It would be great if the technical community can understand where #hypergrowth teams are coming from, and collaborate on improvements to at least make it appear like the main repos have a pulse.

I agree with these points.

  1. I encourage community members to participate in the recognition process whenever applicable. It applies to everyone who contributes to the Zenon egregore and continues to keep it alive.
  2. This would be nice. There was at least one thread about this.
  3. Some people just don’t want to join Discord. :person_shrugging:
  4. Dev meetups would be nice. Curious folks might just want to watch from the sidelines to gauge community collaboration before dipping their toes in the project.
    I considered setting up a livestream while I’m devving but I’m a little shy, tbh. I definitely make embarrassing mistakes and I’m not used to fielding questions while coding.
  5. I’m in agreement about documentation; I’m planning to help with this soon.
  6. List of devs would be nice. We have a task for this on the mattermost board.
  7. Cool idea. No comment re: logistics.
  8. Several developers have single-pillar devnets (mine is publicly available). I think George had made some progress on creating some tooling to simplify this process. We have a task for this on the mattermost board.
  9. I’m not sure if Mr Kaine will change anything re: Github right now. We need teams to deliver code first. https://twitter.com/Zenon_Network/status/1576633536421199873

I agree, and we’re working on this. I want to streamline the dev onboarding process to reduce friction and enable curious people to experiment with NoM without much overhead. Who knows how many potential devs we lost as a result of poor documentation?
It took me a while just to compile Syrius.

These things will take time, but I’m glad you’re asking these questions. :slight_smile:


DM me anytime when you want to start, I can help organize things.


Cool, would love to see this in the docs.

Great ideas here. We did have a recent outside developer give us some feedback. He is the guy who wrote the twitter bot.

  1. We need better documents for go-zenon and the SDKs.
  2. We need to improve how new devs find stuff, like SDKs, docs, and general resources.

I think these two are very important and not so hard to put together. They just take time. I think a non-dev could help work on the framework to reduce dev time.


I’ll try to collab with @sol on the architecture when he’s ready.


Things that help devs get onboarded faster:

  • Comprehensive documentation that’s easy to find
  • Support from other devs
  • A public testnet

Also I think it’s important for newcomers to understand what’s currently possible and what’s not. We’re in our infancy and are still working on some pretty basic utilities that can be taken for granted when working on more established networks.


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I can help with this after we finish with the current tasks.

Do we have a Dev Support thread in the forum?

  • devnet

Every task/topic in ╰ Funding | Staging should act as a space to support one another around the actual task. Unless you think we need a universal dev support thread? If so, it should be made in the Development category and perhaps pinned.

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Exactly. Anything related to NoM development.

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Attribute link leading to syrius needs updating. It shud lead to syrius 0.0.6 and znnd 0.0.5

An attribute link leading to forum will be beneficial. This is where all the action takes place. People need to see this

Will get updated, we are currently moving the zenon.org and attribute.zenon.org apps to a new infrastructure.

Though the forums cannot have the custom events embedded, and therefore Attribute will not be able to tell if a new user signed up or performed any other conversions on the forums. We will just know that a user triggered a page view on the forums thanks to someone’s Attribute link. Also since zenon.org links to forum.zenon.org – any traffic sent to zenon.org via an Attribute link, also sends traffic to forum.zenon.org if the user clicks on “Forum” in the navigation.

SYRIUS and znnd links on zenon.org will get updated after the infrastructure transition.