How 7 devs took down opensea

From a stand still, 7 devs toppled Opensea in 400 days. There are lots of very good lessons in here. I highly recommend everyone listen to this. Specifically they took a different approach to their air drop that prevented wash trading. It rewarded liquidity, which attracted REAL activity on the network and exponential adoption.

The founder started out as a high school dropout and graduated from Y Combinator. He thinks on a different level. I really enjoyed this one.

This is probably one of the main reasons why this got popular. People want to invest in people.

ya, it’s a good story. HS drop out > Y Combinator > MIT > Probably dropped out again but not 100% sure.

been closely following blur building up momentum and it was majestic. thanks for sharing this episode, never actually fully listened to it!

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