Graphic bugs on transferred assets

there seem to be a graphic bug as shown on the screenshot on the transfer tab (latest transactions) as well as on the dashboard, shown as a purple horizontal line. I only have inches and znn in my list, but i assume all icons are affected from this.

can confirm I have the same visual bug on mine

Fixed the bug.

The patched version is on its way.


Flutter 3.10.x or greater is incompatible with some of the libraries. Sorry for the delay. You can download the patched version over here:

Does this still have the embedded node issue?

It didn’t work for you because you had different libraries (more specifically the libznn.dll hash didn’t match). You were most probably running Syrius v0.0.6 with embedded node v0.0.4.

Download the latest build (includes a WalletConnect bug fix), replace all files (executable and libraries) and check again.

Update: The make-release job failed earlier. Now it completed successfully.