Getting Attention of Turkish Market

Hello everyone,

I want to make an airdrop to get attention of Turkish users. I won’t waste your time:

  • 30 ZNN for Twitter premium account for 3 months, it’s monthly 10 euros (this is needed to send messages to crypto influencers)
  • 100 ZNN for one airdrop, we can make 5 different airdrops
  • promotion of airdrop for 14 days, daily 10 euros for views between 640-4200 persons
  • 300 ZNN for my time and efforts

30 ZNN + 500 ZNN + 140 ZNN + 330 ZNN = 1000 ZNN

I’ll use channel and try to get attractions of Turkish users with this.

It’ll be an experimental use case, I’m not sure how will it work but I hope we can pass this submission quickly. What are your thoughts for this?

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Are you aware of our experimental Twitter Gamez we had a few weeks ago?

I think that’s a much better promotion vehicle, people earn Zenon by engaging in real conversations with real users. Our initial idea was to fund the prizes with donations, and I believe an AZ ask for the development of the automated leaderboard telegram bot etc is in order.

You could work together with the Twitter Gamez crew and promote the program within the Turkish community, after all, it doesn’t matter what language the tweet is in, there’s an algorithm and best performing tweets that qualify under a certain criteria (hashtag/ticker/etc used) will compete for prizes.

Lead dev is missing in action, but hopefully he’ll be back ZOOOON.

He might have emailed me the code. Let me check. Sol spent a LOT of time on this project.

Earned Zennies > Airdropped Zennies


I saw it now :smiley:

What do you mean with that?

Probably referring to the fact that there’s vehicles in the community for people to earn their tokens, instead of getting them airdropped. NoM Bridge Affiliate Rewards, Twitter Gamez, AZ submissions, Network Roles i.e. Delegation, Staking, Pillar, Nodes, LP etc.

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