Gathering all the important links related to Zenon Network

Hello fam !

I’m gathering all the important links related to Zenon Network. So far I have

Anything I forgot?


“Awesome Zenon” - great initiative @dat_she_pepe


Yep, that’s the plan. I added the audit link.


If you wanna split the forum from Zenon Org:

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Also add Hypercore Forum


Done. Do you have the links for the testnet contracts if any ?

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Wasn’t there also an old docs website?

The most important stuff from that old docs site was ported to: (which may get replaced with @aliencoder’s upcoming site)

HyperGrowth will make its own new docs site when Attribute gets rewritten as a new affiliate and performance marketing platform as :slight_smile: will be killed then.

Add a list of public nodes, please.

IRL rant starts
My brother just came to me complaining about syrius being shit and not working. He was connected to the public deeznode node and it was down. Do you know how hard it is even for a hardcore alien to find a list of public nodes when not on my main rig connected to telegram? Like even knowing specifically where to look for while using google + took way longer than it should. I wasted 5 minutes trying to look for the hc1 node thinking he had downloaded the newest syrius wallet that requires bigint, I stopped looking for it in the hc1 forum when I realized sumamu had shared the node address with me in telegram and I had forwarded the address to a discord channel (which I had access to).

I understand that we want to encourage people running embedded nodes, but we still need public facing nodes for multiple use-cases, and they should be a lot easier to find.

Hopefully given Moonbaze’s memory leak patch we can start running nodes on less powerful devices and more people will make them publicly accessible. We already have good tutorials on how to configure firewalls, etc…

The current bigInt mess doesn’t help :joy:

I will add this page (dummy data) as (not online yet)

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Testnet nodes


Testnet Chain ID

The testnet chain id value is 3

Testnet Explorer

You can use for the Testnet if you add this node:

Make sure you’re using HTTP and not the HTTPS for this, otherwise that node will not work since it’s not SSL enabled.

Testnet Contracts

Testnet Bridge


Testnet Wrapped ZNN


Testnet Wrapped QSR


Testnet Bridge dApp

Testnet Affiliate generator

After generating your affiliate link, replace brige.mainnet with bridge.testnet in the link.

Testnet ZNN & QSR faucet

Type /start to start.
Use syntax /faucet your_testnet_znn_address to get 5000 ZNN & 50000 QSR
Limited to 1 request/day.



Corrected this link:

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wrong spelling




It’s starting to look good. Nice work @dat_she_pepe!

Here’s some info I’ve found to be missing.

Mainnet wQSR:

wQSR Uniswap

wQSR 1inch

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