Indicative request is $200k integration fee + $100k in tokens for marketing

See screenshots for details.

200k is too much for gate .io

Kucoin was 550k but yeah I agree it’s excessive. Then again, it’s only so high because ZNN performs poorly

200k dollars for nothing, wow… We should build an exchange instead of developing blockchain.

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I must reiterate that we need to start from somewhere. A smaller exchange is a big step forward and it will create a positive feedback loop.

I don’t understand why we aim for big CEXs if we are currently not listed anywhere.

Your average Joe won’t buy from Uniswap or any DEX and we lose a lot of potential users this way.

This will only get worse during a full bull season.

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XeggeX already in the works. Hopefully we’ll see native ZNN in a CEX again soon.