Funnel / Twitter / Automation: Hashtag Tweet Extract + Auto-Like

Today we setup some new automations to drive more visibility to Zenon Network.


  • Developed a list of hashtags related to: LP’ing, running validators/nodes (more will be added)
  • Automation tools search the hashtags and collect URLs of tweets including those hashtags. Runs many times a day, it’s always searching.
  • Automation tools auto-like those tweets throughout the day. If more tweets are added to the list, it auto-likes the new tweets.


  • Original posters of the liked tweets get a notification when ZenonOrg likes their tweet – a small percentage of original posters may visit the ZenonOrg profile and perhaps discover the Zenon Network.
  • Passive strategy that pokes tweeters posting content that fits Zenon needs.

An evolved version of this strategy would be to engage a relevant reply to the auto-liked tweets.

It’s not possible for us to employ such strategies to the @Zenon_Network handle as we don’t have control over it.


Amazing work, really the current highlight of what’s up with Zenon. Keep it up!

Great initiative, thanks :slight_smile:

I remember was doing something similar in terms of twitter automation, but I think they got prohibited on Twitter. Do you have other tools?

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Every network has rate limits per session, so it’s more of a matter of how you use the automation tools.

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