Forum Upgrade Feb 4 @ 5AM CST

We need to upgrade the forum software this weekend. I will plan to do this on Sunday (Jan 15) at 5 AM Central Standard Time. We should have minimal downtime.


LMK if you want a plug-in that is missing or you like. Google discourse plugin

this might be cool


Proposed Plugins

Github Actions

Discourse Github action integration will require the repo to watch to install this. It’s not handled within Discourse. Here is the action required. Not sure this is something we should consider yet. Maybe if we get into a cadence of PRs getting approved this could be helpful. @aliencoder @sol_sanctum what do you guys think?

Maybe we can test this on some contributing repos and see how it works. I’m also a little afraid that pushing dev releases to Discourse could confuse someone. Let’s think about this before taking any action.

name: Post release topic on Discourse

    types: [published]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: roots/discourse-topic-github-release-action@main
        discourse-api-key: ${{ secrets.DISCOURSE_RELEASES_API_KEY }}
        discourse-base-url: ${{ secrets.DISCOURSE_BASE_URL }}
        discourse-author-username: ben
        discourse-category: 11

Here is what the output would look like: Bud v5.8.1 released - bud - Roots Discourse


Looks like we are getting integrated chat and sidebar in the Discourse 3.0 release.


It would be nice to have a thread for official releases but as we all know, they’re not being updated very often yet.

Agreed, we can hold off on the Github plugin.


Guys I’ve decided to push this upgrade to Jan 22 @ 5AM CST. Looks like we need to update the db too and I only have a 1 hour window to do this due to family obligations. So next weekend.

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Automation may be cool: Automation | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Example use case: It auto sends a PM to new users with an overview of Zenon resources.


I’ll research that. Looks cool and useful.

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I will plan to add discourse automations too.

guys just wanted you to know that I have not upgraded yet. However, I just tested this upgrade on another forum I manage and it went without a hitch.

Here are the steps I would like to take

  1. Snapshot the running image
  2. Backup all data and push to s3
  3. update / upgrade ubuntu
  4. reboot
  5. update the db, web_app, and mail_receiver (all services will be down during this time)
  6. ensure everything works correctly. On the test I got a few db errors but was able to mitigate.
  7. add in additional plugins. this will require a rebuild of the web_app. I might do one at a time to make sure nothing breaks.

So maybe next Saturday, Feb 4th @ 5AM CST (for real this time).


Stage 1 upgrade done. I’m going to add in some plugins.

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Chat enabled for testing

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 5.44.05 AM


Gamification plugin enabled. I’m going to test this and then add in plugins one at a time over the coming days. The outage to enable a plugin in < 30 seconds. I will announce them in advance. Follow this post to stay informed.


Added 2 test categories for chat

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Great work, Zir!

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I’m looking into how to add the leaderboard to the link nav. Looks like I can add a custom Hamburger plugin which allows for custom links. If no one objects I can add it this week.

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I will be implementing this plugin today

This will result is a very short outage (30 seconds) assuming everything goes well. I will snapshot and backup before making the change.

Category Banner component added. It did not require any downtime.